Review: Avalon High by Meg Cabot

Review: Avalon High by Meg CabotAvalon High by Meg Cabot
Published by HarperCollins on 01/01/2006
Genres: Contemporary, Humor, Paranormal, Young Adult
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library

To newcomer Ellie, Avalon High seems like a typical American high school, complete with jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, and even the obligatory senior class president, quarterback, and all-around good guy. But it doesn't take Ellie long to suspect that something weird is going on beneath the glossy surface of this tranquil hall of learning. As she pieces together the meaning of this unfolding drama, she begins to recognize some haunting Arthurian echoes, causing her to worry that she has become just a pawn in mythic history. A powerful novel by the author of The Princess Diaries. Has been made into a full length film by Disney on Disney Channel.

I love Meg Cabot!  I know I’ve said this before, but I felt like I needed to say it again.  This is the first fantasy I’ve read by Meg Cabot, although this is by no means a high fantasy novel.  I don’t think it was quite as light hearted as Teen Idol or All American Girl, but it still had that wonderful Meg Cabot humor.

One of the reasons I love Meg Cabot so much is that she creates these fabulous female protagonists.  I love them so much!  Ellie, the main character in Avalon High, was no different.  She is smart, independent, and just so nice.  Ellie is just an all around good person.  And her comments about the middle ages at the beginning of the story were hilarious.

And Will was just dreamy.  He was also a good person, and I could totally understand why Ellie liked him so much.  He stands up for what is right, defending geeky boys from the jocks, and saving silly boys from drowning.  Can we say hero?

I really enjoyed the whole idea about this book, too.  I don’t really want to go into too much detail, for fear of spoiling anything, but it was really interesting.

My only complaint about this book is that it ended too soon!  Although I am getting a little weary of series, I wish Avalon High was the first of a series.  I guess there is some kind of graphic novel sequel, but I would prefer a novel.


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