Top Ten Best Bookish Memories

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In no particular order . . .

1.  Going to the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling.  That’s me 103_506190024231_1133_non the right at the release party at Borders.  Notice the “Trust Snape” sticker on my arm!  Also, I had a temporary tattoo of a lightning bolt on my forehead, but you can’t see it because of my bangs.  I had to cut out the person on the left side of the photo because we aren’t friends anymore, and I didn’t think it would be nice to put her photo up on the Internet without her permission (in case you are wondering why the photo looks a little odd).

2.  Attending my first author event since I started blogging – Libba Bray and Gwenda Bond at Oblong Books.  So much fun!

pride and prejudice3.  Reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen for the first time.  And the second, and the third . . .

4.  My “How I Discovered Harry Potter” Story!  You know I’m going to tell you right?

I was a sophomore in high school way back in 2000 (yeah, I am totally dating myself here 🙂 ) and it was the week before February break.  I was in the mood to read while on break, and I mentioned this to my friend.  She said “you know, I just read this really interesting book called Happy Potter.  It’s a kid’s book, but it is really good.”  Unfortunately I was a bit skeptical, and I didn’t rush out and get that book.  Keep in mind, this is WAY before HP became popular.

Anyway, a few days later I am at Ames (do you guys remember that store?) with my mom.  She had to pick up some stuff, so I moseyed on over to the book section.  Now, just in case you aren’t familiar with Ames, it was basically like a Kmart, and the book section consisted of a a few romances (not that there is anything wrong with romances!).  So, when I get over to the book area (2 whole bookshelves), I saw all these Harry Potter books.  I mean, there were tons!  And it maked me think, huh, that’s weird that Ames would have so many copies of one book.

The next day I am in the school library during study hall, and what three books are on display?  That’s right, HP1, HP2, HP3 (only the first three were released at the time).  I couldn’t pass it up, so I borrowed the first one.  And the rest, they say, is history.  I even did a presentation in my AP English class senior year about mythological creatures in the Harry Potter books.  I’m a dork, I know, but I’m proud of it 🙂

5.  Talking to a teen patron at the library where I work about books.  I am proud to say I have helped developed a love of Pride and Prejudice and The Scarlet Pimpernel in her.  My job there is done.  No, I’m joking.  🙂  It’s so great to talk to someone so passionate about books!  She grabs a stool, plops down next to my desk, sends her boyfriend to sit at a table across the room, and talks to me about the books she’s read.  Mainly about the boys in the books she reads.  It’s molly

6.  My mom reading the American Girl books to me when I was a kid.  I was definitely old enough to read on my own, but we would snuggle in bed together, and she would read me the Molly books.  It was great!

7.  Going to the Central Library as a kid and checking out tons and tons of fairytales!

8.  Reading Fear Street books by R.L. Stine.  My neighbor and I would read these books like crazy when we were kids, and then swap books.  I’m still friends with this neighbor too!  Actually, we are more like sisters now.

9.  The first time I read One for the Money by Janet Evanovich.  This book, and the whole series, showed me how much I love books that make me laugh.  Funny books are almost always my favorite!

Hmm . . . okay, I can only think of nine.  I’m sure I have tons more, though, I just can’t seem to think of them.  What are your favorite bookish memories?

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  1. Rory O'Connor

    I’ve only recently started reading for humor – it’s great, if a little silly to admit. Before, if I read a book and happened to be funny, it was a bonus. Now, I purposefully seek out books that are supposed to be funny. Kind of a nice break from all things scary. I’ve never met and author and never been to a midnight showing, I suddenly feel very sheltered 🙂

  2. Anne

    Dang. I meant to add that wonderful feeling when a students comes back after I recommend a book to tell me that they liked it to my list. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. Mary @ My Sisters Bookshelf

    I love love love that you presented Harry Potter to your AP English class! That is totally something I would do! And proud of it!

    I watched One for the Money on Netflix the other night and it wasn’t as bad as I’d heard! I guess I’ll forgive Stephanie Plum/Katherine Heigl a lot just for being there on my TV for free with a click of my remote!

  4. Lisa

    I love that one of your memories is your mom reading to you! I’ve always read to my kids (up through reading the entire HP series out loud to my son), and it’s been so great for all of us. Nice list!

  5. Daphne

    OMG, fear street! loved those! my best friend would buy them and then give them to me. those and Christopher Pike. They really remind me of being a teenager. good times. 🙂

  6. Ellie Potten (@Bookshop_Girl)

    I LOVE it when people in our bookshop stop to talk books. Usually for me the best conversations are either when I meet someone as book mad as me (they’ll start to confess some super-nerdy habit and I’LL KNOW), or when I get chatting to someone about our favourite nostalgic children’s books. The number of amazing conversations I’ve had about Frances Hodgson Burnett… Brilliant. 🙂

    I still remember the first time I saw the two then-released Harry Potter books on a stand at a bookshop, and my sister said some of her friends were reading them. We were only kids, of course, and I thought they looked like boy books and I wasn’t bothered! Of course, a year or so later my sister GOT the books, I read them… and the rest is history.

  7. Candice

    I love your list! I really didn’t hear about HP until Freshman year of college (2001) and thought it was weird that a friend’s MOM was reading it and saying how good it was! And American Girls! Such a fun memory!

  8. Jenni Elyse (@jenni_elyse)

    What a great HP story. I didn’t start reading the books until 2001 right after the first movie. Yeah, I’m one of those. But, I did try to start the first one before then, but my book was stolen and because I wasn’t a huge reader back then, I just didn’t get another one … until I saw the movie. Oh, and, you’re not dating yourself. I was 20 in 2000. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. Ashling

    Great list! I went to a Harry Potter midnight release party; it’s on my list too. And I love rereading Pride & Prejudice. It’s such a great book.
    My TTT

  10. picturemereading

    I didn’t go to the midnight release of Deathly Hallows but I did read it with my husband on the phone..we were dating long distance so what we would do is read four chapters and then discuss, hang up, read the next four and so on until it was finished..I think that was the first edition of our book club actually LOL

    • Quinn

      Oh my gosh, that is adorable! I think Hank Green and his wife read Deathly Hallows together, too. He talked about it in one of his vlogbrother videos.

  11. exlibrisheather

    I love your “how I discovered HP” story! It’s similar to mine, except I didn’t give into my skepticism until the 4th book was published. Also I loved the American Girl books. What a great memory to have with your mom!

  12. Elizabeth

    I’m pretty sure I heard about Harry Potter right around the same time you did… a friend of mine was reading it and I teased her for reading a kid’s book. I can’t really remember when I changed my mind and gave it a try, but I still feel pretty silly about not taking my friend’s word for how good HP is!

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