15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 7

You guys, April from Good Books and Good Wine came up with the best Blogging Challenge!  And I’m totally participating because it is the best idea ever!  Anyway, she came up with 15 challenges (one a day).  You should totally participate, too!  Here’s the cool graphic and challenges April put together.


It’s Day 7 and today it’s all about blogging quirks.

  • I use the words “seriously,” “definitely,” “you guys,” and “so” in almost every single review.  Actually, I usually them them multiple times in a review, and even multiple times in one sentence.  I’m always trying to edit myself from using those words too often, but I can’t really help myself.
  • More on the repetitive word front, I use the words “awesome” and “adorable” too much.  I need to find new descriptive words but I am always too lazy to think of some.
  • I almost always draft a review of a book either right after I finish the book, or the next day.  If I wait longer than that, I forget everything.  If I don’t feel like writing a full review right them, I draft up a post with the right formatting, and then just type up my thoughts in fragmented sentences so when I come back to the review later on, I have a little reminder of how I felt about the book.
  • I waffle back and forth on how to rate books.  I personally love ratings, because then whoever is going to read the review has an idea right off the bat on how I felt about the book.  But sometimes I have a hard time deciding for certain books, and I keep changing it until I actually publish the post.
  • I am the Queen of Typos.  I always proof read my posts before publishing them, but somehow they still end up with typos.

Hmm . . . that’s all I can think of at the moment.  What are you blogging quirks?

20 Responses to “15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 7”

  1. Maggie @ Just a Couple More Pages

    I “definitely” say “definitely” too much too. Sometimes I’ll go back and read a paragraph I write and I will have said it 5 times or something crazy. I swear if people read my first drafts they’d think I was mostly illiterate! Great list!

  2. Rory

    You can only be the Queen of Typos if there are two. Because I definitely thought I held that title… 😉

    • Quinn

      I’m glad to share the title. I don’t really want to be the ONLY Queen of Typos anyway. It’s better shared. 🙂

  3. Book Blather

    I have a brain like a sieve so I have to write down my thoughts on a book really soon after reading it too, but it doesn’t help if I REALLY like a book – I never know what to say then. I just gush, so unattractive! 🙂

  4. Lizzy's Dark Fiction

    Seriously, I definitely agree with your first blogging quick. It’s like you guys are reading my mind and that so freaks me out.

    When I’m reading a book, I’m like 3 star…then it gets better and I’m like 4 star…and then by the end I’m like hm, it was okay. But I rate books as I’m reading…is that weird?

    • Quinn

      Hehe. I always debating on book ratings, even while I reading. Glad we are weird like that together 🙂

  5. Bridget Jackson

    I think I could challenge you for the throne as Queen of typos. LOL! I need to find new descriptive words but I get busy and don’t think about it until I am blogging again. The cycle never ends.

  6. Natalie (@NatflixandBooks)

    I definitely use the word definitely way too much. I’ll re-read my reviews before I post and almost always have to take it out of at least a couple of sentences due to serious overuse. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

    • Quinn

      I should totally (actually “totally” is a word I overuse as well) use a thesaurus while writing my reviews. If they suddenly have lots of word variety, then you’ll know I’ve been poking my nose there 🙂

  7. alwaysjany

    I overuse some of the same words! And if I wait too long I’ll forget what I was thinking about a book too. I just run straight to goodreads after I finish a book. And later on I’ll post it on my blog

  8. Alison

    Ha! I think I use “seriously,” “definitely,” “you guys,” and “so” a lot too. It’s a hard habit to break since I do talk like that as well. Guess we need to break a the thesaurus when writing up blog posts. 😀

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