15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 8

You guys, April from Good Books and Good Wine came up with the best Blogging Challenge!  And I’m totally participating because it is the best idea ever!  Anyway, she came up with 15 challenges (one a day).  You should totally participate, too!  Here’s the cool graphic and challenges April put together.


It’s Day 8 and today is all about what appeals to me on blogs.

  1. It needs to be easy to read.  There is nothing that frustrates me more than not being able to read the text.  There are a few blogs where I like the content, but I have a hard time reading the light gray font with the white background.  This also goes for super tiny font.  I’m getting old you guys, and my eyes are protesting.
  2. A blog that isn’t full of cover reveals.  I don’t find them all that exciting, and if a blog is constantly posting them, I usually stop visiting that blog.
  3. Along that line, I like blogs that don’t only participate in memes.  Don’t get me wrong, I like memes (I think they are great at showcasing the bloggers personalities), and I participate in fair number, but I also put out my own content 2-3 times a week as well.  I like blogs that do the same thing.
  4. Regular posting.  If I love the content I want more of it 🙂
  5. I love blogs where the blogger’s personality really comes through.
  6. Blogs that are about stuff I like.  Duh, right?  Although, I do like blogs that push me to try new things, too.
  7. Bloggers that have a sense of humor.
  8. As much as I am embarrassed to confess, I favor blogs with nice designs.  Not fanciness, but I like when things are clean, and there aren’t a zillion favorite series banners in the side bar.
  9. An easy way to subscribe – especially a bloglovin’ button because that’s my preferred way to subscribe to other blogs.
  10. Blogs without Captcha.  It’s so frustrating when I want to leave a comment but can’t read the darn Captcha words.
  11. Not just positive reviews.  Who loves everything they read?  Especially if they read as much as us book bloggers.  Not that I want people to hate books, but I can’t grasp what a person likes to read, if they LOVE every book that they come across.
  12. A review that isn’t just the summary of the book retold.  I’ve seen a few blogs that do this, and I don’t get it.  If I wanted a summary I would have just gone to GoodReads or Amazon.
  13. Book Ratings.  I like going into a review having an idea of what the reviewer thought of the book.  Or, if there aren’t ratings, then an idea after I’ve read the first paragraph, I know what the review thought of the book.
  14. Comment Responses.  Yeah, I know I’ve been slacking lately, but I still like to see bloggers responding to comments.  Don’t you?
  15. Pictures/photos/gifs – something to break up long blog posts.  Even if it is just the cover of the book.  Actually I really dislike a review without the cover image.

Oh my gosh, you guys, I had a really hard time with this topic.  Maybe it’s because I woke up at 4:30 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep.  The plus side – I got a couple hours of reading in (FRIGID by J. Lynn).  The negative side – I’m exhausted and it’s only 11 am.  Anyway, do you like the same things?  Do you disagree at all?  I feel like this turned into more of a “What I Don’t Like on Blogs” instead of what I do like.

7 Responses to “15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 8”

  1. Bridget Jackson

    Curses, I do give a lot pf positive reviews. I have a tendency to pick out the books I feel I have a better chance of enjoying. I don’t want to waste my time on a book that did not entertain me.

  2. Elena

    On my blog I review only books that I have given 3 stars or more. I find it difficult to write negative reviews, so I keep them short and not so sweet, and they end up only on Goodreads 🙂

  3. Angie

    I can’t believe I missed out on this event.. I didn’t know about the Book Blogger Challenge. I agree about a lot of your likes on blogs. Especially the comments back to people!!

  4. Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

    I definitely have to agree with you. My biggest pet hate is terrible slang language in reviews and over cluttered designs because I find minimalist the most easy to read and I’m more likely to subscribe and read. However at the same time, I like some effort to the blog otherwise I feel like it’s not very good.

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