15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 9

You guys, April from Good Books and Good Wine came up with the best Blogging Challenge!  And I’m totally participating because it is the best idea ever!  Anyway, she came up with 15 challenges (one a day).  You should totally participate, too!  Here’s the cool graphic and challenges April put together.


It’s Day 9 and today I’m talking about why I blog about books.

The most basic of basic answers is that I love books and reading, and I wanted to share my thoughts about the books I read.  But, really, there is a lot more to it, than that.  I started this blog in March 2012 for a number of reasons.  When I came across the book blogging world, I just knew I wanted to be a part of it.  I obviously love reading, but it can be a pretty solitary experience.  And the fact that my friends rarely read books that I do, I didn’t have anyone to talk to about the books I read.  Reading is such an amazing, rewarding thing.  We get to experience so many emotions, and really get to meet so many people through reading.  I wanted to share my love for reading with others who were as obsessed with it as I was.

And even more so, as I was scoping out other blogs I saw how so many bloggers had become close with each other, even if they lived on other sides of the country (or even the world!).  I wanted that bad, although I’m still working on the friendships.  I’m just so shy at times, and starting conversations aren’t something I’m good at.  But through blogging, I have met so many wonderful people.

Another reason why I started blogging is because I needed something valuable to do.  All I was doing was working, and coming home or, upon occasion, hanging with friends.  I felt sort of like I wasn’t doing anything productive.  Blogging fit that need to a tee, and what else would I blog about except books.  It’s so much fun, but it is something I have to work at, too.

So, if you’re a blogger, what made you decide to jump in?

6 Responses to “15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 9”

  1. Candice

    Love all these reasons! While we all have different reasons for blogging, I think the one think we all agree on is that we love books and have the intense desire to talk about them. I think my main reason for starting my own blog is similar to your need to do something productive. I wanted a creative outlet and talking about books seemed to fit the bill. I wasn’t overly familiar with this world, but once I got in and discovered just how big the community was, it was one of the best things ever! So happy you decided to start blogging and we’ve become friends! 🙂

  2. Andrea

    I’m a lot like you – nobody around me reads what I do. I’m exactly like you in the shyness department. I would love to have close bloggy friends, but I’m awkward about it. I mean, what do I do, email someone and say “Want to be my friend?”

  3. HOLLY

    I started book blogging because I would formulate all of these thoughts and opinions about books in my head, but I wouldn’t have anywhere to put them to good use. Blogging fixed that… great post! 🙂

  4. Cyn

    Funny enough the reason why I started blogging was because my best friend left and I had no one to talk books with haha. The book blogging world definitely opens you up to meeting more book lovers (:
    (Here’s my Day 9)

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