15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 11

You guys, April from Good Books and Good Wine came up with the best Blogging Challenge!  And I’m totally participating because it is the best idea ever!  Anyway, she came up with 15 challenges (one a day).  You should totally participate, too!  Here’s the cool graphic and challenges April put together.


It’s Day 11 and today’s the day I get to show off 5 of my blog posts!

Review: Texas Gothic by Rosemary-Clement Moore
Another earlier blog post of mine.  I just had a lot of fun writing this review.  I don’t think it’s perfect, but I like my introduction paragraph.  Plus, I love this book!

Suspension of Disbelief – Where’s the  Line
This is the only discussion post on my blog.  As I mention in this post, I usually don’t have discussion-post ideas (although I have a few right now!!!!).  But this idea, suspension of disbelief, is something that I think about a lot.  Especially when something seems ridiculous in a book.

Fairytale Retellings
This was one of the very first posts I ever published on the blog.  It’s a list of some of my favorite fairytale retellings.  I have a few more to add to this list now, but I still enjoy this post.  It shows how in love I am with fairytale retellings.

Top Ten Characters That I Would Name My Pets After
I had so much fun putting this list together for Top Ten Tuesday back in May 2012.  A friend of mine was told me that I was a pet name generator because I was always listing cute names for pets.  I also like this post because it shows me personality (that I am dog obsessed).

Review: Valkyrie Rising by Ingrid Paulson
This is more of a negative review.  It’s good to see negative reviews, too, I think.


Wow, this was kind of hard.  It’s hard to show-off, isn’t it?  Well, it was for me.  Plus I wanted to have a variety of posts, too.

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