Audio Review: Easy by Tammara Webber

Audio Review: Easy by Tammara WebberEasy by Tammara Webber
Series: Contours of the Heart #1
Published by Berkley on 05/25/2012
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Tara Sands
Source: Audible

When Jacqueline follows her longtime boyfriend to the college of his choice, the last thing she expects is a breakup two months into sophomore year. After two weeks in shock, she wakes up to her new reality: she's single, attending a state university instead of a music conservatory, ignored by her former circle of friends, and failing a class for the first time in her life.

Leaving a party alone, Jacqueline is assaulted by her ex's frat brother. Rescued by a stranger who seems to be in the right place at the right time, she wants nothing more than to forget the attack and that night - but her savior, Lucas, sits on the back row of her econ class, sketching in a notebook and staring at her. Her friends nominate him to be the perfect rebound.

When her attacker turns stalker, Jacqueline has a choice: crumple in defeat or learn to fight back. Lucas remains protective, but he's hiding secrets of his own. Suddenly appearances are everything, and knowing who to trust is anything but easy.

If you’ve been following my blog for the last few years, you’ve possibly seen on my End of the Year Survey for 2012 and 2013, that I made Easy by Tammara Webber my number 1 priority book to read.  And I totally suck, because I didn’t read it.  But FINALLY I have.  And oh my gosh, what an amazing book this was.  You all should give me a hard time for waiting so long to read Easy, because it is such a phenomenal book.  I had all the feels, people.

Easy starts off with Jacqueline, the main character and narrator, being assaulted when leaving a frat party.  Can I just say, this was an insanely emotional scene, and Webber doesn’t pull her punches here.  Fortunately, the attempted assault is stopped by another college student, Lucas, who brings Jacqueline back to her dorm.

Jacqueline was one of the most likable characters I’ve ever read about.  She’s by no means perfect, but I liked her, I identified with her, and basically wanted to be one of her friends.  She made the mistake of following her boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) to college instead of following her dreams of going to an excellent music school.  Jacqueline is really strong, though.  She does her best to get past the assault, and she doesn’t take crap from her jerk ex-boyfriend.  I just wanted Jacqueline to be happy, which definitely wasn’t an easy thing for her because of the very rough semester she was having.

Because of this rough time Jacqueline has fallen behind in her economics class, but her professor puts her in touch with the class tutor, Landon.  Oh, and Jacqueline’s rescuer, Lucas, just happens to be in her economics class, as well.  You know I’m not normally a fan of any form of love triangles, but seriously, it didn’t both me in the slightest while reading Easy.  That’s how awesome this book is.

Both Landon and Lucas are love interests for Jacqueline, but she doesn’t jump back into a relationship right away.  She is still dealing with her breakup.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love Lucas and Landon.  Love, love, love, love.  The romance in Easy is so well-written.  It will make you swoon and sigh, and oh my gosh, it’s just awesome!

However, although the romance is a huge part of the story, it is also about seeing Jacqueline grow from all the hardships she’s had.  I loved watching Jacqueline slowly get her confidence back from being dumped and from being assaulted.  Her best friend and roommate Erin helps Jacqueline as much as she can, and so does Lucas.  I have to tell you how much I loved Erin.  I wanted to join their friendship group.

I listened to this via audiobook, and the narrator, Tara Sands, was amazing!  She inflicted just the right amount of emotion into her voice for Jacqueline, and I couldn’t listen to Easy fast enough.  But at the same time I was so sad when it was over.  After I finished, I even listened to the last bit over again, because I wasn’t read for Easy to be over.  Basically, what I am saying is if you haven’t read Easy (and let’s face it, you probably have because I am way behind) you should run out right now and give it a try.


7 Responses to “Audio Review: Easy by Tammara Webber”

  1. Amir

    I’ve read this about…2 years ago? I must admit that I don’t remember much of the book but I do remember loving it, I think I gave it 4 stars! And your review jostled my memory a bit! I remember that the love triangle was presented really well, I think this is one of the first NAs I’ve ever read too. I’m glad you like the audiobook! I would put it on my wishlist and hopefully I’ll get my hands on it soon! 🙂

  2. Brandie

    One of my favorite books and first NA books that I read. I’m glad to see you loved it so much, too! Great review. 🙂

  3. Trish @ Between My Lines

    I have read it and I did love it. It was one of the first NA books that I read and still one of my favourites from this genre. I love that the assault wasn’t just there for added drama, instead it was used in an empowering way.

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      Yes, I loved that too, about Jacqueline being assaulted. I don’t know the last time I was rooting for two people to figure things out as much as I was for Lucas and Jacqueline.

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