Review: Searching for Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

Review: Searching for Dragons by Patricia C. WredeSearching for Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede
Series: Enchanted Forest Chronicles #2
Published by HMH Books for Young Readers on 1991
Genres: Fantasy, fantasy, Humor, Middle Grade, Young Adult
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library

Those wicked wizards are at it again. This time they are draining power from the Enchanted Forest. And that does not sit well with Mendanbar the King.

On the advice of the witch Morwen, Mendanbar decides to consult with Kazul, the King of the Dragons. He hopes to avoid meeting the dragon's princess, since he dislikes princesses and considers them silly, brainless twits.

But when he gets to Kazul's cave and meets Princess Cimorene, Mendanbar is startled to discover she is unlike any princess he has ever met. As for Cimorene, though first she mistakes the King of the Enchanted Forest for the plumber, she is delighted to find him a fascinating companion.

That is lucky indeed, for they will have to endure a lot of each other. Kazul has been captured by those horribly wizards, and Mendanbar and Cimorene will have to search for her, traveling over mountains and past man-eating giants, terrifying rock snakes, and an assortment of magic-wielders.

Once again, Patricia C. Wrede has written a diverting and ingenious novel, as much fun as her first book about Cimorene and Kazul, the highly acclaimed Dealing With Dragons.

I read Dealing the Dragons, the first of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede, back in July 2013.  I actually listened to the audiobook, and although I liked the book, I wasn’t intrigued enough at the time to pick up the second book.  But I’ve heard so many people say how much they love this series, and I do really like Patricia C. Wrede.  So I decided to read the print version of Searching for Dragons, which turned to be to such a good decision.  Searching for Dragons was utterly delightful, and I liked it even more than the first book.

This time around, in Searching for Dragons, the story is told from King Mendenbar’s third-person point of view (but don’t worry, there’s still lots of Princess Cimorene!).  Mendenbar is the king of the Enchanted Forest, and with that title comes some very interesting abilities with the magic of the forest.  Mendenbar was a character that I couldn’t get enough of.  He’s young for his role as King, but he can handle things very well.  He doesn’t like parties, and he hates how princesses keep trying to get him to marry them.  He’s a very busy man, but when he discovers these huge expanses of his Forest turned to nothing but wastelands, he decides to investigate.  Which leads him to The Mountains of Morning where the Dragons and Princess Cimorene live.

Cimorene has some worries, too.  As she is the King of the Dragon’s Head Librarian and Chief Cook, you can imagine that she is pretty busy.  But The King of the Dragons, Kuzal, has gone missing, and Cimorene is beginning to think something terrible has happened to Kazul (who happens to be a female dragon!).  Just like with Dealing with Dragons, Cimorene’s personality is definitely a highlight of these books.  She is one tough lady, and she absolutely takes no nonsense from anyone.  She’s is just freaking awesome.

Wrede has a really fun way of writing, and that is very evident in Searching for DragonsI love how shse creates these witty characters, and seeing how they react to other people (or animals).  I couldn’t help but crack up at the way to get a wizard to go away (temporarily).  Those wizards are such pains in the butt.  Another wonderful thing about Searching for Dragons was the Enchanted Forest setting.  The Enchanted Forest was such an interesting setting, and sometimes it felt like it had its own personality.  And the Enchanted Forest is home to so many fairytale people – it was fun running into characters who were tied to other fairytales.

As I was reading Searching for Dragons, I kept thinking of so many books whose authors must have been influenced by this series.  I absolutely loved Searching for Dragons, and I’m excited to read the third book in the series soon.


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