Review: Just to Be with You by Bella Andre

Review: Just to Be with You by Bella AndreJust to Be with You by Bella Andre
Published by Oak Press on 03/05/2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Ebook
Source: Amazon

Ian Sullivan, the powerful and wealthy CEO of Sullivan Investments, has never failed at anything in his life...apart from love and marriage. Certain that he’ll never take the plunge again, the last thing he expects is for a beautiful actress to turn his perfectly organized world completely upside down.

Tatiana Landon, one of the hottest talents in Hollywood, has been waiting for true love her whole life. When she meets Ian, she’s certain she’s finally found it...along with a passion that sizzles hotter than anything in her wildest dreams. All she needs to do now is find a way to convince him to take the risk of loving again.

Ian soon realizes that Tatiana is just as focused on winning his heart as he is on locking it away. But when unexpected circumstances thrust them into a world where real-life rules don’t apply, will Ian finally recognize Tatiana as his one true love?

After finishing Kiss Me Like This by Bella Andre, I really just wanted to read a book like that again.  So I thought I would read another Andre book and decided to go with Just to Be with You because I really liked Tatiana from Come a Little Bit CloserAlthough I didn’t love Just to Be with You as much as I loved Kiss Me Like This, it was still a pleasant way to spend the evening.

Straight up, I absolutely loved Tatiana.  She’s this actress, who’s pretty famous now after starring in Smith Sullivan’s movie, Gravity.  Tatiana has become pretty close to the Sullivan clan since her sister married Smith.  And when she met Ian Sullivan (Smith’s cousin) at a wedding, she pretty much knew he was the one for her.  I just found Tatiana’s belief in true love adorable, if a bit strong.

Ian is quite a bit older than Tatiana, and after the demise of his first marriage, he is positive he doesn’t want that kind of relationship ever again.  I definitely found Ian to be swoon-worthy.  He’s very intelligent, and is the CEO of a very successful  business.  He devotes the vast majority of his time to his business, and I definitely find a hard-working man attractive.  Ian isn’t quite sure what to make of Tatiana, but he does realize that he is incredibly attracted to her.  It was so much fun to watch Ian try to control himself around her, when all Tatiana wanted him to do was kiss her.

However, after a little bit, Ian’s resistance to having a real relationship with Tatiana got a little old.  I got pretty impatient with him, and truly just wanted to yell at him to wake up and stop being a nincompoop.  Luckily, this being a contemporary romance, he did wake up and smell the roses.

Just to Be with You is a great addition to Sullivan series.  Both Tatiana and Ian are characters you can’t help but root for.  If you’re a fan of contemporary romance, you won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure.


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