Review: I Love How You Love Me by Bella Andre

Review: I Love How You Love Me by Bella AndreI Love How You Love Me by Bella Andre
Series: The Sullivans #13
Published by Oak Press on 10/14/2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Ebook
Source: Amazon

Dylan Sullivan, a renowned boat builder, has spent his entire life sailing around the world. But while he’s always enjoyed the freedom of the ocean, when Grace Adrian shows up at his Seattle boathouse to interview him for a magazine, it’s love at first sight. Love for both Grace and her ten-month-old son, Mason, with whom Dylan has an immediate bond. And every moment they spend together makes Dylan more and more certain that a love like theirs is worth risking everything for.

A year and a half ago, Grace’s entire world turned upside down. Not only did she learn that she was pregnant, she also found out that she was nothing but a dirty little secret to her boyfriend and his elite Washington D.C. family. Since then, Grace has been rebuilding her life in Seattle, giving one hundred percent of her attention to her son and her freelance writing career. Believing she can never risk her heart—or her son’s—again, especially to a man like Dylan who could sail away at any moment, Grace tries desperately to guard her heart from the charismatic and sexy sailor.

For as sweet and protective as Dylan is during the day, at night when one incredibly hot kiss turns into so much more, Grace simply can’t find a way to keep from tumbling into his arms again and again. But can she ever learn to trust in love again?

Not too long ago I was on a huge Jill Shalvis kick.  Well, now I am on a big Bella Andre kick.  I just can’t stop reading her books.  I Love How You Love Me by Bella Andre is the 13th Sullivan book, and it is one of my favorites.  It’s sweet, has a really nice guy, and I just love stories with big families.

I Love How You Love Me is about Dylan Sullivan who is this boat builder and champion sailer living in Seattle, Washington, and Grace Adrian who is relatively new to Seattle.  Grace had a pretty rough time the last few years.  She became pregnant, and her pretty powerful boyfriend just sort of left her.  So she picked herself up and moved from D.C. to Seattle.  Her son is now 10 months old, and she’s trying to get her free-lance-writting career back on track to what it was before she got pregnant.  She is hired to write a cover story about Dylan Sullivan.

I really liked the romance in this one.  Dylan is such a nice guy.  He kind of falls for Grace at first site, which, I know is sort of insta-love, but it really worked in this book.  Although Grace is definitely attracted to Dylan (he’s kind of gorgeous so who wouldn’t be?), she is not at all wanting to get into a relationship after being burned so badly before.  Besides, the fact that Dylan is pretty much a sailor and could take off anytime, makes Grace even more hesitant about being with him.  But Dylan was so steadfast, showing how committed he is to Grace and her son, Mason.  Like I said, Dylan is just such a nice guy.  I like the bad boy as much as the next woman, but there is something special about those sweet, devoted guys, too, right ladies?

Grace was a great match for Dylan.  She’s a really strong woman, and I really loved how she didn’t let some seriously bad experiences before get her down.  Not that she wasn’t affected, because of course she was, but she pulled herself together, and has been raising her son all by herself with no help whatsoever.  I often get really frustrated with the character who doesn’t want to get into a committed relationship, but not so with Grace.  I could completely understand her fears, but she also tries really hard to overcome them.

Overall I really enjoyed I Love How You Love Me, and it is definitely my favorite Sullivan book that I’ve read so far (but there are quite a few I haven’t read yet, so keep that in mind).  I Love How You Love Me is perfect for fans of Nora Roberts’ MacGregor series, Jill Shalvis’s Lucky Harbor series, or just for fans of contemporary romance.


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