Review: When It’s Right by Jennifer Ryan

Review: When It’s Right by Jennifer RyanWhen It's Right by Jennifer Ryan
Series: Montana Men #2
Published by Avon on 03/31/2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Paperback
Source: Bought

Everything's bigger in Big Sky country, including the hearts of the Montana Men

Wide open sky, rolling green hills . . . Gillian Tucker could get used to life in the country--one far from the violence she left behind in San Francisco. Warily accepting an invitation to the Montana ranch that belongs to her grandfather, a man she's never met, Gillian hopes this is the haven she seeks. A sexy, overbearing cowboy who shines a light on her well-hidden dreams is not at all part of her plans.

Blake Bowden's reckless past is far behind him, and as a newly named co-owner of Three Peaks Ranch, he's not taking any chances. Until a beautiful, haunted woman arrives, igniting a desire he shouldn't feel. His partner's granddaughter is strictly off limits. But the longer Gillian's there, the stronger the pull grows between them. And when a new danger surfaces, Blake will do anything to keep her safe...even if it means risking everything for her heart.

When I first heard about When It’s Right by Jennifer Ryan it totally grabbed my attention. I had heard good things about this book, and it really did seem like my kind of book, unfortunately When It’s Right just wasn’t the book for me. It’s not a bad book by any means, it just wasn’t a good fit for me.

Gillian has lived a very tough life. Although she’s only 20 years old, she’s had some life experiences that made her grow up and mature more quickly than the average person. Gillian moves to Montana to stay with her grandfather, someone she doesn’t know at all, to recover from these traumatic events, and while she’s there she meets Blake who is co-owner of her grandfather’s ranch in Montana. And then romance happens.

I did like Gillian and Blake a lot. They are both the type of characters that I am always drawn to. I have such a soft spot for romances where the heroine is coming from an abusive situation because I love seeing that heroine grow and become more confident and realize that she didn’t deserve that kind of abuse. And that’s certainly what’s going on with Gillian. But, Gillian kind of came off as this perfect young woman. It sort of felt like she couldn’t ever do anything wrong. And that was kind of annoying.

Blake was also very much on the perfection side, and not in a good way. Once he meets Gillian, he’s fascinated with her and they fall for each other fairly quickly, although they don’t really realize it. I liked that Blake is committed, and he wants to take care of Gillian. He’s not a jerk in the slightest. Which is nice. But, he also didn’t really feel all that realistic, and I was never swooning over him.

I also feel like Ryan could have found better ways for Gillian’s life to be told to her new family. She would just sort of spout it out, and I couldn’t imagine anyone doing that ever. It felt more like a way for Ryan to get her characters to know of Gillian’s trials than a realistic way someone would share this type of information.

I read the book in one day, and it was an easy read. I enjoyed the romance, but at times it was a bit more sappy and cheesy for my tastes. As much as I love romance, sometimes things can get a little sickly sweet, and it felt that way for me. But even with all my complaints, I think When It’s Right is a good story. It’s not amazing, at least it wasn’t for me. But if you are looking for a contemporary romance with a heroine who has had to go through a lot, and then finally finds happiness, I think you might enjoy When It’s Right.


8 Responses to “Review: When It’s Right by Jennifer Ryan”

  1. Renee (@Addictofromance)

    Enjoyed your thoughts on this one. I actually quite enjoyed this one…not as much as the first book, but it was a enjoyable book, and I loved the connection between the characters.

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      I’ve heard a lot of positive things about When It’s Right. I initially picked it up because I people liked it so much. I think it’s just a case of I’m not the right person for this book. I completely understand why someone would love this. I do still want to try out more Jennifer Ryan books.

  2. Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

    I’m never a fan of characters who are too perfect. I like them flawed and in need of sometime of change. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this a lot, but thanks for the review.

  3. Kaja

    Ha, I have a review to write about this sappy romance I just read and I agree with you, it’s not the best option out there…
    I still can’t get myself to pick up romances with cowboys 😀 They’re such a specific American thing! I don’t know, I can deal with Highlanders in kilts! So maybe I just have to give one a try and I’ll be converted. Just maybe not this one!

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      I can’t wait to read your review. Yeah cowboys are an American thing. I’m not super into them either (maybe because I’m from the Northeast (not really cowboy land here). It don’t dislike Cowboy romances, perse, I’m just not drawn to them

      Highlanders in kilts are another matter all together, though! I just love those guys!

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      This one wasn’t a great fit for me, but I’ve heard a lot of people really enjoyed this. I hope that’s the case with you! I do want to check out Jennifer Ryan’s other books, though.

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