Review: Tempt Me Like This by Bella Andre

Review: Tempt Me Like This by Bella AndreTempt Me Like This by Bella Andre
Series: The Morrisons #2
Published by Oak Press on 08/19/2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Format: Ebook
Source: Amazon

TEMPT ME LIKE THIS is Drew Morrison’s love story from Bella Andre’s New York Times bestselling New Adult contemporary series about The Morrisons!

As one of the biggest rock stars in the business, Drew Morrison can have anything—and anyone—he wants. Only Ashley Emmit, who has joined his tour to work on a college research project, is completely off-limits. Drew promised her father that, once the tour was over, he would send her home pure and untouched by the rock ’n’ roll world. But he has never been so tempted by anyone in his entire life. How is he going to make it through this tour without giving in to the urge to drag her into his arms and kiss her breathless?

Ashley has always lived by the rules. But from the moment she meets Drew, none of those rules make sense anymore. Not only does Drew’s music affect her deeply...but she’s never wanted to kiss anyone so badly. Not that a magnetic star like Drew would ever feel the same way about a brainiac like her, of course. And even if he did, she knows from painful experience that two people as different as they are simply don’t belong together.

But when the attraction between Drew and Ashley burns hotter every moment they’re together on the tour bus—and they begin to share their deeply hidden and emotional secrets—will either of them be able to resist temptation? Or could giving in to their feelings lead them straight toward a love they never saw coming...

I just loved Bella Andre’s first foray into New Adult, Kiss Me Like This, so naturally I couldn’t WAIT to read the second book in The Morrison series, Tempt Me Like This about a rock star, and a college student going on tour with him. I got exactly what I was expecting from Tempt Me Like This, although I didn’t love it quite as much as the first book.

Drew Morrison is this famous musician, and Ashley is a recent college graduate who is hoping to gain information for her application to Stanford’s Business School by touring with Drew. Drew is such a nice guy. He’s not obnoxious or nasty to ladies even though a lot of them throw themselves at him. He’s not what you would expect a wealthy, successful, gorgeous and young rock star to be, and that is such a good thing. But Drew is struggling with the death of his mother (as is his whole family) and it’s drastically affected his ability to write songs. He’s feeling very pressured, but the lyrics just are coming like they used to.

Ashley is the only child of her parents, who divorced when she was a teenager. She is incredibly intelligent, but has been thrown through a loop when she wasn’t accepted to Stanford’s Business School. She’s hoping to gain new perspective for her second application by touring with Drew. Right off the bat, it’s clear that Ashley and Drew have a connection.

I love that I can actually feel their connection. However, I will say, that they became quite devoted to each other pretty quickly. A bit more quickly than I think people normally would, but, honestly, that really didn’t bother me much. As I said, I could tell that these two would be perfect for each other very early on, and I wanted them to just get together already.

Although Drew and Ashley are fairly young, I really like that they talk things through. There isn’t a lot of drama in the bad sense, which I always appreciate. There are reasons why these two feel like they can’t get together, but they TALK TO EACH OTHER, and I love that!

And although there is a lot of lust in their connection, there is also a lot of respecting each other for who they are. I love how they each support each other where they need it, and help them get through some emotional issues.

While I don’t think that Tempt Me Like This is for everyone, if you’re a fan of Bella Andre, I think you’d like this one. I sure did, and I’m already really excited for the next book in The Morrison series.


10 Responses to “Review: Tempt Me Like This by Bella Andre”

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      Bella Andre has quite a few rockstar romances. There is this one, obviously, which is NA, but she has some adult romances too. I think her books are fun. Although I can NEVER remember the titles.

  1. Red Iza

    Could you believe it, but I’ve never read any of hers ! But I have book #1 of The Sullivans ^^ I love rock star romances, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Nick @ Nick's Book Blog

    I’ve only ever read one Bella Andre book, but I certainly enjoyed reading it. I think this sounds adorable and I love that the guy is so sweet. Thanks for the warning about them becoming devoted to each other pretty quickly though. I’ll have to keep that in mind when I go into the book.

  3. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    I have 5 books from Andre’s Sullivan series and I have yet to read any of them. I have zero idea why other than newer and shinier books keep showing up. Anytime an author has characters TALK TO EACH OTHER instead of having a misunderstanding I’m a happy reader. I can’t wait to give her books a try and this one sounds like another one I need to add to my list.

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      I know, I’m really not a big fan of the Big Understanding tropes. My favorite Sullivan book is I Love How You Love Me. And I have many books that I’ve never read either. I think it’s a curse all bookworms must bare.

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