Review: Present Danger by Susan Andersen

Review: Present Danger by Susan AndersenPresent Danger by Susan Andersen
Published by Zebra on February 1993
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Romantic Suspense
Format: Paperback
Source: Personal Copy

To Love

He'll find her. Sooner or later, Aunie Franklin's ex-husband, Wesley, will track her down. She's moved clear across the country to start over, but she knows it's not far enough from a madman obsessed with making her pay. . .

And To Cherish

James Ryder's new tenant is running from something. Her Southern sass doesn't hide the fading bruises on her face. James doesn't need more complications in his life, but he can't ignore her rising fear. Especially once the phone calls and threats begin. . .

Till Death. . .

Every day brings Wesley one step closer. Aunie will be his again, to possess—and to punish. Because the past she tried to flee is about to become her present. And he'll make sure she never escapes again. . .

Praise for the novels of Susan Andersen

"A consistently excellent voice in romantic suspense fiction, Susan Andersen keeps on delivering captivating and thrilling novels of dangerous love and dark suspense." --Romantic Times on Exposure

"A winner."-- Publishers Weekly on Bending the Rules

Present Danger by Susan Andersen is one of my favorite romances. It’s just such a complete comfort read. While Present Danger is advertized as a romantic suspense, I actually think it’s more contemporary romance, with a little suspense tossed-in.

Present Danger is about Aunie Franklin. She’s a southerner who has just moved to Seattle after a very bad experience with her ex husband. Aunie is trying to start over and wants to show the world, and herself, that she has something to offer besides her good looks. Yeah, Aunie is gorgeous. All her life she’s been told that she will be able to use her beauty to attract a husband. Which is what happened. But now she’s starting over.

I love Aunie’s determination. This was not an easy thing to do, especially when her mother is not supportive. It’s not an easy thing, to go out completely on your own and start your life over. And not only that, but Aunie moves across country, to a city where she knows no one. I just love that about Aunie. So much of Present Danger is about Aunie getting her new life set up. She meets new friends, and starts doing things she’s never done and it’s awesome. She tries new things even when she’s nervous and shy and I just love that about about her!

James is the love interest, and although Aunie and James get off to a very rocky start, I do love James so much. It’s understandable, knowing his background, that James is apprehensive about Aunie moving into his apartment building. Still, his reaction is over the top, and I love how Aunie stands up to him.

It was so much fun to see James fall for Aunie. It was not instant for either of them, and I loved that their relationship developed slowly over many months. It felt more genuine and more heartfelt that way.

I also just love the supporting characters, especially Lola and Otis. I loved seeing Otis and Lola, a married couple, and best friends to James )and eventually Aunie as well), deal with some struggles they were having. They are both so loving to their friends, to their families, and especially to each other.

I should warn you all that the accents are a bit over the top, though, in Present Danger. Aunie with her southern accent making lots of “Ah” instead of simply “I” is the biggest offender, but all the characters have strong accents that are written out in the book. It’s distracting, and sometimes hard to follow. And for some reason I did not quite love this one as much as usual this reread. I do think there are some issues with Present Danger. But I like Aunie, James and all the characters in Seattle so much, that I can forgive some of the issues.

Present Danger is great is you want to try out romantic suspense, but aren’t sure if you would like that subgenre. It never gets too dark. But I don’t think Present Danger is for everyone either. It does take a bit to get going, and, the accents can be difficult to deal with. But, either way, I do still love this one.


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  1. Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy

    The synopsis makes this sound really exciting and almost like a horror movie! From your review though, it doesn’t quite seem like it. This would probably make a good film though. 🙂 It’s great that you still love it despite the little issues it might have. It seems like an exciting story!

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      I know, I always feel like the description and the cover are unrepresentative of the story. Because while there is a suspense aspect SO MUCH of it is about Aunie rebuilding her life.

      I do really love it though.

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