Review: Lord Dashwood Missed Out by Tessa Dare

I received this book for free from Edelweiss/Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Lord Dashwood Missed Out by Tessa DareLord Dashwood Missed Out by Tessa Dare
Series: Spindle Cove #4.5
Published by Avon Impulse on 12/08/2015
Genres: Adult, Historical Romance, Romance
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss/Publisher

A snowstorm hath no fury like a spinster scorned!

Miss Elinora Browning grew up yearning for the handsome, intelligent lord-next-door…but he left England without a word of farewell. One night, inspired by a bit too much sherry, Nora poured out her heartbreak on paper. Lord Dashwood Missed Out was a love letter to every young lady who’d been overlooked by gentlemen—and an instant bestseller. Now she’s on her way to speak in Spindle Cove when snowy weather delays her coach. She’s forced to wait out the storm with the worst possible companion: Lord Dashwood himself.

And he finally seems to have noticed her.

George Travers, Lord Dashwood, has traveled the globe as a cartographer. He returned to England with the goal of marrying and creating an heir--only to find his reputation shredded by an audacious, vexingly attractive bluestocking and her poison pen. Lord Dashwood Missed Out, his arse. Since Nora Browning seems to believe he overlooked the passion of a lifetime, Dash challenges her to prove it.

She has one night.

My love for Tessa Dare is pretty intense. I mean, who doesn’t love Tessa Dare? I was pretty excited about another Spindle Cove story, even if it was a novella, which tend to be pretty hit or miss for me. Even so, I just had to read Lord Dashwood Missed Out by Tessa Dare, and I did think it was a fun way to spend the evening.

The whole premise of this book is so much fun. Nora, sick and tired of crushing on a man that overlooks her, writes  an essay on all the reasons he’s missing out by not getting together with her. I mean, who of us has not felt that way? What makes this super fun, is that this essay she wrote becomes super popular, and a few years later when the subject of her essay, Lord Dashwood, returns to England and discovers this essay, he is less than pleased. And wouldn’t you know Lord Dashwood and Nora end up stuck in a carriage together on a snowy night.

So, at first I wasn’t so sure I liked Dash. First, that is such a lame nickname. Dash! But really, he did seem like a bit of a jerk at times, and that really frustrated me. I just found it a bit offensive that Dash (ugh that name!) basically dared Nora to show him what he was missing. But he does improve, although seriously he makes some very bad decisions that would have pissed me right the heck off were I Nora.

Nora is so easy to relate to. She cracked me up, and I love how she doesn’t let Dash push her around, for the most part. Sometimes she does things stupidly, too, though, and that was also frustrating.

What was totally awesome, though, was seeing some of my favorite characters from Spindle Cove. Seriously, I just loved that! Especially Colin, because . . . well, it’s Colin! And it was fun to see Charlotte and Charlotte’s crazy mother who reminds me a lot of Mrs. Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. I cannot tell you how excited I am that Charlotte is getting her story next!

While Lord Dashwood Missed Out definitely suffers from being a novella, I did enjoy it and am so glad I read it. This is the most amazing story ever, however, it was ever so much fun to spend time with the Spindle Cove residents.


13 Responses to “Review: Lord Dashwood Missed Out by Tessa Dare”

  1. Renee (Lover of Romance)

    I am pretty excited to read this one, since I love the spindle cove series, way more than her castles one. So I am excited to ssee how it compares with the other books in the series. And I actually like the name Dash, but I have seen that name used in other books so it wouldn’t both me. 🙂

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      Do you really like Spindle Cove more than Castles? I like Castles better, although I do love Spindle Cove!

      I don’t know about the name Dash. It made me think of that little boy superhero from The Incredibles and not an actual man I would crush on. But we all have names we like/dislike.

      Also, it says there is going to be a story for Charlotte, Minerva’s youngest sister. Which is so awesome! I am so for that.

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      It’s funny, because while I can completely understand your feelings on novellas, I can just never resist them. Rarely do I LOVE them, but rarely do I HATE them too. And sometimes I do come across one I love.

  2. Sophia Rose

    I’m still a Tessa Dare virgin (don’t hate me) 🙂

    This does sound like an enjoyable story even if Dash needed a few bops. I like novellas during this time of the year when I’m busy, but still want a quick story that I can get the finish. But yeah, sometimes they aren’t developed as a result.

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      Haha. I don’t hate you, but you should SOOOO read Tessa Dare. I really love Romancing the Duke, but A Night to Surrender is also a good place to start.

      Yes, this time of year is just perfect for novellas.

  3. Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy

    I do love the premise of this one! It’s nice that Nora got some of her own back against Dash! It makes up a bit for her having to “prove” anything to him. 🙂 I’m glad this was such a fun read for you! Definitely I’ll have to pick it up when I become better acquainted with the series!

  4. Danielle @ Love at First Page

    I have SO wanted to do this! Like HELLO, this is what you’re missing out on!!! I love that Tessa Dare actually shaped a plot around this. I just hope I can warm up to the hero. Thanks for sharing your review, lady!

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