Audio Review: Luring a Lady by Nora Roberts

Audio Review: Luring a Lady by Nora RobertsLuring a Lady by Nora Roberts
Series: The Stanislaskis: Those Wild Ukrainians #2
on 1991
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Audiobook
Source: Audible

Nothing in Sydney Hayward's background of wealth and privilege had prepared her to take the helm of her family's corporation. Her overflowing new responsibilities left no room for complications--and Mikhail Stanislaski was definitely a complication. Sydney had learned the hard way that she could never love anyone--least of all, this earthy, disturbingly masculine stranger who came from a world so different from her own.

Still, the way she felt when he put his hands on her--strong, work-hardened hands--made her doubt her resolve to remain alone. This gifted man seemed to have a rare talent for luring a lady, even a very reluctant lady, into his arms....

I actually forgot how much I absolutely adore The Stanislaski series by Nora Roberts until I re-read nearly the whole series this year via audiobook. Luring a Lady is the second book in the Stanislaski series, and follows Mikhail Stanislaski. I absolutely adored this book, but it’s still not up there with Falling for Rachel or Waiting for Nick.

Luring a Lady starts off with Mikhail basically storming into Sydney’s office demanding that she take care of the problems that her tenants are having at one of her apartment buildings. Sydney has just recently taken over her grandfather’s business after his passing, and is still learning the ins and outs of the business which his quite extensive. They don’t really have a great first meeting, and they argue a bit, but things soon get resolved.

I really loved Syndey, who has not had an easy life despite coming from a very wealthy family. Sydney is determined to succeed as the new head of the business, but other members in the organization aren’t sure she’s right for the job. She totally is, though, and I love how she doesn’t let other guys intimidate her. But Sydney does have some major insecurities largely due to her first marriage, so she’s a bit apprehensive about starting anything with Mikhail despite the fact that they have some serious chemistry.

Mikhail is the oldest brother in the Stanislaski family, and he totally has a cocky attitude. He’s a handy man, but he’s also an artist. Mikhail is a leader as well, and the tenants in the building have turned to him to get some help with the issues they are having. Mikhail is very protective, but also very bossy. I just loved Mikhail. Loved him!

Mikhail and Sydney make such a fabulous couple. They really do. They both needed strong partners so they couldn’t push the other around. But they are also willing to admit when they are wrong. I just loved Sydney and Mikhail together.

All the audiobooks in the Stanislaski series are narrated by Christina Traister, and she is absolutely wonderful! She gives some of the Stanislaskis this wonderful Ukranian accent, and I loved it. I also loved her voice for the heroines.

I highly recommend the whole Stanislaski series to anyone looking for some excellent contemporary romances. Nora Roberts is really on her game with this fabulous series.


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  1. Nick

    You’re on a Nora Roberts roll! 🙂 Maybe this is also what I need with this weird YA slump I’m in. I love romances between strong characters. While both sound great, I’m definitely more intrigued by Sydney and her determination and hard work. Glad this worked so well for you, Quinn!

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      I am on a Nora Roberts roll! I have a few more Nora Roberts’ review coming up. But I think I need a break. She’s fun, but too much of a good thing and all that.

      Sydney is a great character. I really liked her! The relationship she had with her first husband is really interesting, and not something I see often in romances.

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