Audio Review: Suzanna’s Surrender

Audio Review: Suzanna’s SurrenderSuzanna's Surrender by Nora Roberts
Series: Calhouns #4
Published by Harlequin on 1991
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Kate Rudd
Source: Audible

Suzanna Calhoun and her sisters simply HAD to find the priceless emeralds hidden somewhere in their ancestral home. The jewels were the key to the deadly mystery that had threatened them for so long. And for Suzanna they were something more - her link to a man whose past was tangled with hers in ways she was only beginning to understand.

Holt Bradford had loved Suzanna for more years than he cared to remember, loved the laughing girl she'd been and the gentle, fragile woman she'd become. He'd never once told her what was in his heart, but now he had no choice...He had to protect her from the shadows swirling around her, and he had to make her his at last.

My re-reading this year has been all about Nora Roberts. I’ve re-read so many of her books via audio this year, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I decided to give Suzanna’s Surrender a re-read, because it has always been a favorite of mine. Suzanna’s Surrender might be a bit dated, but seriously, I still love this story. Unfortunately, I didn’t love the audio narration.

Suzanna’s Surrender is the fourth book in The Calhouns series about four sisters who live in a castle of sorts in Maine (called The Towers) that has been in their family for years. During the course of the series, they are looking for missing emerald jewelry that their ancestor (Bianca) hid away. During their search, they learn that an artist who lived on the island years ago knew Bianca. Present day Holt Bradford is the grandson of that artist. So Suzanna goes to ask him for help, and then ROMANCE!

I really enjoyed this story. Suzanna is a great heroine. She’s a divorced mother of two, and her first marriage was not a happy one. Suzanna has worked hard to provide a loving home for her children, and to rebuild her life after her divorce. She’s also worked hard to help her sisters preserve their castle-like home. I just love Suzanna.

Holt is a bit stand-offish and sometimes a little jerk-y in the beginning, but not overly so. Holt is gruff, especially on the outside, but once he lets someone in, he’s totally devoted and protective. He’s definitely a standard hero from this time in Nora Roberts’ history. He’s recently returned to the island, after leaving the Police Force. He’s not all that happy about Suzanna showing up at his place, but once he sees her again, he can’t stop thinking about her.

I was so shipping Holt and Suzanna. Nora Roberts does such a wonderful job of creating these different characters that work together so well. I will say that there are some dated things throughout Suzanna’s Surrender. There is a fainting scene, which is a tiny by eye-rolly. And there is the standard, my first husband was a complete asshole theme, too.  But there are some more modern things, too, that I love. For example, Suzanna’s ex husband’s new wife, is not awful. Nora Roberts made sure not to make her this horrific, bitchy character, and I so loved that.

And, of course, I must talk about the ghost/spirit that is a relatively big thing in this series. As you might know, I am an absolute sucker for books that have books and castles, and it’s totally awesome here. The ghost aspect isn’t the focus; Holt an Suzann’s romance it. But the whole atmosphere is pretty great.

I totally recommend Suzanna’s Surrender by Nora Roberts to contemporary romance lovers. Even with the slight datedness to it, it’s such a great example of what Nora Roberts does. However, I do not recommend the audio book. The narrator, Kate Rudd, gave the women such whiny voices, and made them seems like idiots a lot of the time. But the print version is wonderful!


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12 Responses to “Audio Review: Suzanna’s Surrender”

  1. Nick

    Ahh! I hate it when good books are ruined by bad narration. I haven’t read this one, but the couple sounds amazing, especially if you were shipping them so much. I’m glad the ghost and spirits aspects of the book is handled well too. It seems like a hit overall. 🙂
    Wonderful review, Quinn!

  2. Angela @ Simply Angela

    Ooh, I’m going to have to bump this series up on the list. I’ve picked up a few of her books on audio, but I’ve been struggling to find the right narrator. I think I’ll skip this one on audio and just read the book.

  3. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    I loved this whole series! Ghosts, old mysteries, hidden stuff – it’s basically written for me! I do remember that Suzanna’s husband’s new wife isn’t awful. I really like when that happens as a 2nd wife myself. We’re not all bad! And sometimes wife #1 is waaayy worse – trust me! I’m reading The Obsession by Roberts right now and loving it. She does such great romantic suspense. I checked this one out from the library a month or two ago but never got time to read it. I definitely need to try again.

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      haha! I feel that way too about this series.I LOVED that the second wife was horrible. I think it’s really fun to read NR’s books, older and more recent because you can see how the trends changed, and how she felt more free to write what she wanted. Her heroines became stronger, more independent, and her heroes less assholes.

  4. Lover Of Romance

    oh this does sound like a book I want to try out…so many fun aspects and I have such a weakness for gruff heroes. And Roberts does great with writing her heroes.

  5. Adria

    All my Nora Roberts books are in print and packed away but I so remember this one. It’s one of my favorites too.

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