Review: All I Want for Christmas by Nora Roberts

Review: All I Want for Christmas by Nora RobertsAll I Want For Christmas by Nora Roberts
on November 18th 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Ebook
Source: Library

Zeke and Zack Taylor, motherless six-year-old identical twins, are facing "real" school - first grade - and they are worried. Their father, Mac Taylor, is a builder who fixes up old buildings in their small town, and the boys are afraid he'll be too busy to help them out with the new demands of their school. They decide to write to Santa and ask for a mother. When they see the new music teacher, Nell Davis, at school, she meets all their requirements, and they realize this is the mom they've requested. Mac is attracted to Nell, but is reluctant to pursue her, as his wife had walked out on him, and he doesn't want to risk hurting his children. The romance blossoms despite his fears, and the story is filled with the joy and anticipation of Christmas as the magic of the children's wish comes true.

I know some romance readers don’t like children in the books they read. While I don’t always love children in romances, there are some scenarios that I can never resist. One of the scenarios if when children conspire to get their mother/father together with someone. So, naturally, I HAD to read All I Want for Christmas when I saw the summary. All I Want for Christmas by Nora Roberts was a seriously adorable holiday romance, that made me think of the best Hallmark movies.

Zack and Zeke are twin boys that live with their single father, Mac Taylor, in a small town. Mac adores his twin boys, and he works hard to be their provider, father, mother and friend. And he totally kicks butt at it. But Zach and Zeke want a mother, so before school begins they write a little to Santa telling him what kind of mother they want. And then they meet the new music teacher at school, Nell. And they KNOW that she is “The Mom.” Hopefully, Mac will realize it too.

Seriously, Zach and Zeke were adorable. I can’t say they are 100% realistic, but they had a lot of personality and spunk and I loved them. I could see how they thought that Nell would be perfect for their family.

There were some cliches in the book (like Nell’s car breaking down at just the right place), but, I must confess, I wasn’t reading this for the realism. I really did like Nell. She’s pretty confident in herself, and that is wonderful to see in a heroine. And I liked Mac, even though he had some personal demons to deal with. There were some hurdles, but, of course, they work everything out by Christmas.

All I Want for Christmas is Classic Nora Roberts. She has a way of writing that I think I could pick out anywhere. It’s a quick read, and things never go into a ton of depth, because this is a novella. But I was satisfied, and I’m now more in the Christmas Spirit than I was before I read this one.


14 Responses to “Review: All I Want for Christmas by Nora Roberts”

  1. Nick

    Aww those twins! My heart is all warm at them wanting a mom and wife for their dad. It definitely sounds like a really cute read despite the unrealistic elements.

  2. Rowena

    I love, love, love when kids are trying to set up their parents in romance novels and this one sounds like a good one. I’m going to get this one because I’m in the mood for cheesy and holiday stuff. Thanks for the review, Quinn!

  3. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    I quit reading the older Nora Roberts after I hit a string on books where the heroine was a virgin and the imbalance of power was HUGE but I think I need to reconsider! This sounds adorable! I don’t read these kinds of books for realism either so as long as it keeps me entertained I can get past a coincidence or two!

  4. Lover Of Romance

    oh NOW I must read this one, I gotta add it to my christmas reading list. These kids sound so adorable, and when it comes to Christmas themes, having children in romances just fit.

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