Review: Since I Fell For You by Bella Andre

Review: Since I Fell For You by Bella AndreSince I Fell for You (New York Sullivans #2; The Sullivans #16) by Bella Andre
Published by Oak Press, LLC on November 16th 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Ebook
Source: Amazon

Suzanne Sullivan doesn't need a bodyguard. After all, she's one of the most successful digital security specialists in the world―so she can most certainly take care of herself despite the problems she's been running into lately. Unfortunately, her three brothers don't agree. So when Mr. Way-Too-Handsome shows up bound and determined to protect her, whether she wants him there or not, sparks definitely start to fly. Because she has absolutely no intention of falling for the bodyguard she never wanted in the first place...

Roman Huson has vowed to do whatever it takes to protect Suzanne Sullivan from harm. And her brothers would kill him for so much as looking at her the wrong way. The only problem is that he's never been hired to work for anyone so beautiful, or brilliant, before. Between trying to keep up with her―and working like hell to keep from kissing her breathless―he's up against the most difficult challenge of his life. Especially when it turns out that the passion, and connection, between them is hotter than anything he's ever known...

I love bodyguard romances. I can never resist them. Which is why I didn’t wait for the audio for Bella Andre’s newest Sullivan book, Since I Fell for You, even though that’s my preferred way to read her books. Since I Fell for You by Bella Andre was a solid addition to the much loved Sullivan series, but it isn’t a favorite.

What I Liked:

  • The Sullivans! I mean, that goes without saying, right, since I’ve read all the Sullivan’s books. But I do love this family. I love all the cousins, and how close-knit everyone is. Even when Suzanne’s brothers hire her a bodyguard when she doesn’t want one. This family loves each other so much, and I can never get enough.
  • Suzanne is totally a genius, and I am all about super intelligent female characters. (Actually, I’m all for intelligent characters all together). But I do love how smart Suzanne is, although sometimes she is silly (more on that below.
  • I LOVED Roman! He’s strong, and silent and takes his job seriously. Although he is attracted to Suzanne when he first sees her, he tries to ignore that so he can do his job properly. Roman also feels he’s not good enough for Suzanne, but that isn’t true! He’s wonderful!
  • It took a bit for Roman and Suzanne to get together, but once they did, I was SO ON BOARD! I just wish it hadn’t taken so long.

What I Struggled With:

  • Suzanne comes up with this ridiculous way to get Roman to resign his position as her bodyguard. I hated her plan! It was juvenile, it didn’t really make a lot of sense, and it was annoying. Luckily she did get over this plan somewhat quickly, but the whole idea felt done before.
  • Things got a little sappy at the wedding they attended. Look, I know Sullivan fans (like myself) love to see how other Sullivans are doing. But it was a bit much at the wedding, and that little bit didn’t really need to be in Suzanne’s story.
  • The conclusion at the end about who was bothering Suzanne was totally underwhelming.

Final Thoughts:

I love Bella Andre’s Sullivan series. I’ve read them all, and I can’t wait for the next one. However, Since I Fell for You is not even close to a favorite. But that’s okay; not all books can be favorites. And Sullivan fans will not be disappointed.


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13 Responses to “Review: Since I Fell For You by Bella Andre”

  1. Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy

    I haven’t really read any bodyguard romances I don’t think! Now I feel like I should try one – the dynamic is fun. Or at least I should watch The Bodyguard movie – I’ve never seen it. 🙂 Glad this had it’s high points despite the silliness. I love that the female character was so smart!

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      I am such a sucker for bodyguard romances. I’m reading another right now. I totally think that women can take care of themselves, but I love it when the guy is protecting her from something. I only saw The Bodyguard once, and I never loved it. Maybe because . . . well, I don’t want to spoil it. But it sure has a great song, right?

  2. Melissa

    I haven’t read this author but she seems to be a fav. Sorry this wasn’t stellar but they can’t all be 5 stars right?

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