Review: When Snowflakes Fall by Tara Wyatt

Review: When Snowflakes Fall by Tara WyattWhen Snowflakes Fall by Tara Wyatt
Series: The Graysons #1
Published by Swerve on October 25th 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Ebook
Source: Amazon

Sometimes the heart needs a little Christmas magic.

When Dr. Christie Harmon up and moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming to escape a vicious scandal, she expected a quiet, lonely Christmas on-call as a pediatrician at the local hospital. But when she’s treating a little boy with a bump on the head, she doesn’t expect his dad to be so distractingly handsome…or single.

In the wake of his ex-wife’s abandonment five years ago, Luke Grayson has been focused on raising his son Ethan. The scars from the split run deep, and Luke hasn’t trusted another woman to come into their lives. But there’s something about the sweet—and sexy—Christie that has him wondering if something’s been missing.

Can new love help lonely hearts find a way? After all, Christmas is a time for magic…

Reading slumps are the worst, especially at the end of the year. I’ve been searching for some books that appeal to my current mood, and when Kimberly from Caffeinated Book Review reviewed this novella, and the sequel, I know they were just what I needed. When Snowflakes Fall by Tara Wyatt was a cute, quick Christmas novella, and I really enjoyed it.

Luke is a single father to his 8-year old son, Ethan. When Ethan has a tumble, and is taken to the ER for a check-up, Luke meets Christie, a doctor who’s just moved to town. Christie and Luke are attracted to each other immediately, but they are both hesitant to start anything.

I liked both Luke and Christie from the start. I have a soft spot for single fathers in romances, and Luke was such a devoted father I couldn’t help but fall for him. His love for his son was fabulous. After what happened with his ex-wife, he’s very wary of letting anyone close to his son. But luckily he can’t resist his attraction to Christie.

Christie is pretty sweet, too, but she’s struggling with something that happened to her not too long ago. This incident led to her leaving her life in the south, and moving to Wyoming. I felt really bad for what happened to Christie, but she’s doing her best to get over it.

Christie and Luke’s relationship was one I really enjoyed reading about. While things weren’t particularly memorable or unique, I was still rooting for these two to get together. They are mature adults, and act like it, and I sure do love it when the hero and heroine act like adults. Things got a bit sappy, but that’s to be expected for a Christmas romance. While When Snowflakes Fall by Tara Wyatt isn’t a story that will stick with you, it was a really cute read for the season.


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  1. Lover Of Romance

    oh I am sorry to hear about your reading slump….and I am in a bit of one right now so its hard finding a book that I am in the mood to read for. I am like you I have a weakness for single parent fathers too so I just might need to pick this one up.

  2. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    I’m in the midst of a reading slump too and am not loving it! This sounds really cute and like a good slump buster or at least something that I can keep myself focused on. I love a good single dad too. Have you read RaeAnne Thayne’s Evergreen Springs? It’s full length but sounds like it has a similar feel. I will have to look for this novella. I could use a good slump buster!

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      Reading Slumps are the worst. Especially at the end of the year. I haven’t read ANY RaeAnne Thayne, but I keep meaning too. I will have to look into Everygreen Springs. Thanks for the rec.

  3. Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

    This sounds like a cute novella that is perfect for a winter afternoon. Like you, I enjoy reading about single fathers in romance so I will have to add this to my wishlist

  4. Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy

    I’m going through a bit of a reading slump too – but I hope to get some time to read when I’m on break! A nice Christmas romance does sound like a perfect remedy for it though – I’m glad this was an enjoyable read!

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