Quick Review: Marry Me at Christmas by Susan Mallery

Quick Review: Marry Me at Christmas by Susan MalleryMarry Me at Christmas by Susan Mallery
Series: Fool's Gold #19
Published by HQN Books on September 29th 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Tanya Eby
Source: Audible

Wish upon a Christmas star with New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery's sparkling Fool's Gold romance!

To bridal boutique owner Madeline Krug, organizing a Christmas wedding sounds like a joy—until she finds out she'll be working closely with the gorgeous brother of the bride, movie star Jonny Blaze. How will a small-town girl like her keep from falling for the world's sexiest guy? Especially with mistletoe lurking around every corner!

Jonny came to Fool's Gold looking for normal, not for love. Happily-ever-after only happens in the movies. Still, nothing about this quirky town is quite what he expected, and "ordinary" Madeline is the most extraordinary woman he's ever met. Refreshingly honest, disarmingly sweet. Achingly beautiful.

Planning the perfect wedding leads to candlelit dinners and strolls through snow-covered streets. And Madeline finds Jonny in real life even more captivating than her celebrity crush. But will the action star be brave enough to risk his heart and step into the role of a lifetime?

I love a romance where the hero is a celebrity. I can’t really explain it, but I can never resist such a romance. Throw in the fact that this book is a Christmas romance by Susan Mallery, and features an actor hero . . . well, I simply hard to read it. And you guys, it was so much fun.

I loved both Jonny Blaze (but seriously that name!) and Madeline. They were both so easy to fall in love with, and I could tell that they would be perfect together. I enjoyed reading about Jonny and how he would be wary of people recognizing him and treating him differently because he was a famous movie star. I loved how surprised and appreciative he was that in general Fool’s Gold just saw him as a person. And Madeline was adorable with her little crush on Jonny. On the other hand, it was so wonderful to see Madeline’s crush grow into something real and not based on Jonny’s celebrity status.

Most definitely my favorite part of the story was how sweet Jonny was with poor abandoned dog, Raven. It was the most adorable thing, and it was then that I truly fell madly in love with him. The romance was great, although not particularly memorable. I was completely into the romance, but I don’t think it’s special or tugs on my emotions. But that’s okay. Because Marry Me at Christmas was a great, quick Christmas romance, that is perfect for when you have a lot on your mind.


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8 Responses to “Quick Review: Marry Me at Christmas by Susan Mallery”

  1. Joy // Joyousreads

    The name is a little off-putting, but like you, I love a celebrity-jane public kind of romances as well. And Susan Mallery knows a lot about romance writing, so I think this is worth a look-see!

  2. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    A man who is good with dogs and is a movie star? Plus a woman who doesn’t treat him like a movie star? Definitely a book I need to read! I like the holiday romances I’ve read by Mallery and really need to read more. This sounds absolutely adorable and one I must read next Christmas though seriously that name??? It sounds like a character in a kids cartoon.

  3. Lover Of Romance

    oh I do love characters that you can easily fall in love with it!! I still need to pick up this author, and after reading your reviews of Mallery lately, I just know that I need to be picking her up soon. And I also like celebrity characters too in romances.

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