Audio Review: Captivated by Nora Roberts

Audio Review: Captivated by Nora RobertsCaptivated by Nora Roberts
Series: The Donovans #3
Published by Silhouette on February 1st 2004
Genres: Adult, Romance
Format: Audiobook
Source: Audible

A classic novel from the enchanting series The Donovan Legacy.

Only the phenomenal Nora Roberts could have created the remarkable Donovan clan. Fascinating and irresistible, the mysterious Donovan cousins share a secret that's been handed down through generations -- a secret that sets them apart from ordinary beings.


His interest in her was purely professional . . . Or so he told himself. Nash Kirkland had sought out the alluring Morgana Donovan to help him research his latest screenplay, though the hardheaded skeptic didn't believe for a minute she was what she professed to be. But, as Morgana revealed herself to him, Nash found himself falling under her bewitching spell. Nash had never trusted his feelings and always kept them in check. So how could he be sure the irresistible passion he felt for Morgana was real and not just some conjurer's trick?

After re-reading Charmed, the third book in the Donovan Legacy, I really wanted to go back and re-read Morgana’s story. Captivated by Nora Roberts was another great re-read for me, but I do like Charmed more..

What I Liked:

  • Morgana is a heroine I can get behind. Not only that, but I would love to be her friend, because she will always be there for those she cares about.
  • I love how open Morgana is about who she is, especially with the fact that’s she a witch. She never hesitates to tell Nash exactly who she is, even when he constantly doesn’t believe her.
  • Nash was pretty great, too, although he certainly had some issues. He writes screen plays, and he’s been very successful. He’s totally into the peculiar, and because of that, he’s always hearing odd stories, which is how he learns about Morgana, who claims she’s a witch. So naturally, he has to go check her out.
  • It was hilarious to see Nash’s preconceptions on who the local witch was, be so completely wrong. The first meeting between Nash and Morgana had me giggling and wanting to high-five Morgana.
  • Nash and Morgana have some serious chemistry, and I so wanted these two to be together, even when Nash was an idiot. What I really liked about the chemistry that Roberts’ created between Nash and Morgana, though, was that, while there is physical chemistry, lust never felt like the main thing between them. And I really appreciated that.
  • I loved seeing Morgana’s family, especially Sebastian and Anastasia.

What I Struggled With:

  • The spells. I mentioned this in my review of Charmed, but I just don’t like the spells. And there are more spells in Captivated than there are in Charmed. I found myself being pulled out of the story whenever a spell came up.
  • Nash definitely had a few jack-ass moments, but I will say that he did redeem himself.

Final Thoughts:

Basically, I was really enjoyed reading Captivated by Nora Roberts again. It really stands the test of time, and never seems too dated.


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  1. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    I remember loving this series but other than that I remember almost nothing about it. I don’t think I was a fan of the spells either now that mention it though. It’s like when they show a character’s fiction or poem in a book – 99% of the time I end up skipping over it. You have me wanting to revisit this series!

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