Review: Tycoon by Joanna Shupe

Review: Tycoon by Joanna ShupeTycoon by Joanna Shupe
Series: The Knickerbocker Club #0.5
Published by Zebra on February 23rd 2016
Genres: Adult, Historical Romance, Romance
Format: Ebook
Source: Library

In Gilded Age New York City, the bachelors of the Knickerbocker Club spend their days rubbing elbows with Manhattan's most elite citizens—and their nights with its most intoxicating women...

Sometimes the journey is more pleasurable than the destination...

Standing on the platform at Grand Central Station, Ted Harper is surprised by a fiery kiss from an undeniably gorgeous damsel in distress. He's certain she's a swindler who's only after his money, but he's never met a woman so passionate and sure of herself. Disarmed, he invites her to spend the journey to St. Louis in his private car—perhaps against his better judgment.

Clara Dawson has long known how to take care of herself, but the savvy shop girl is at a loss when she witnesses—and becomes entangled in—a terrible crime. Desperation propels her into a stranger's arms at the train station, but she hadn't expected Ted to offer her the protection she so badly needs—nor did she expect their chemistry to develop more steam than the engine of the train. He's everything she never thought she could have, and she's everything he didn't know he wanted. But as her secrets begin to unfurl, their fledgling romance could be in danger of derailing before they arrive at the next station.

I’ve said it many times, but I’m going to mention it again. While I adore historical romance (it’s my favorite subgenre of Romance) I can be picky and hesitant to try new-to-me authors. But I have been hearing great things about Joanna Shupe’s Knickerbocker Club series for a while now, and decided to give the Tycoon, a novella that kick starts the series, a try. And I’m so glad I did.

What I Liked:

  • Tycoon had such a strong start, and I was hooked immediately. Ted is minding his own business waiting for the train, and some woman, Clara, embraces him and starts calling him “husband.” Ted quickly realizes that Clara is running from someone, and decides to help her. Right from the start, I wanted to know what was going to happen.
  • I admit that I’m a pretty big fan of Regency romance, and can’t really seem to get enough of it. So I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t enjoy this setting, the Gilded Age (late 1800s) United States, but I actually loved it! It was so fresh.
  • Clara is fantastic! She’s smart, not afraid to work hard, and resourceful, especially when she is quite literally running for her life. Clara is also so very charming, and I loved how she was able to help Ted secure a deal with a client. Actually, that whole scene was probably my favorite! Way to point out how men so often overlook women!
  • I really liked Ted, too. He certainly has some trust issues, but overall, he is a nice guy. He was immediately willing to help Clara out when it was clear she was hiding from someone, but at the same time, he was careful to make sure she wasn’t trying to con him.
  • I loved Clara and Ted together. Shupe did such a wonderful job showing how great a team these two made.

What I Struggled With:

  • While Tycoon started off so strong, it lost some momentum towards the middle.
  • As Tycoon is a novella, things came to a head quickly, and then were resolved even quicker. I would have loved a bit more development there, but again, this is a novella, so there really wasn’t time for it.

Final Thoughts:

Despite the fact that I am hesitant to try new-to-me authors and that this book has such an unique setting, I really loved Tycoon by Joanna Shupe. It made me want to jump into her Knickerbocker Club immediately!


7 Responses to “Review: Tycoon by Joanna Shupe”

  1. Sophia Rose

    The fact that few write romance against this era and setting has me curious to try it, too. Glad you jumped in and gambled on it, Quinn.

  2. Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

    This is such a good series! Tycoon was a fun start, but it did have the issues you mentioned because of it being a novella. I thought the next two full-length novels (Magnate and Baron) were fantastic and I can’t wait for the last book (Mogul) to come out this year.

  3. Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy

    This sounds like a great start to the series – it’s good it grabbed your attention right away. I enjoy historical romances too, but it is funny I tend to go for the Regency/Victorian ones. Gilded Age ones sound like a great change – and I’m interested in that era too!

  4. Lover Of Romance

    oh yay, glad you enjoyed it. And its not a bad thing to be picky about this genre. I can be too at least about certain aspects. I have been wanting to try this author out though. I like this setting and time frame here, not many authors use it, so its always refreshing.

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