Audio Review: Max by Sawyer Bennett

Audio Review: Max by Sawyer BennettMax by Sawyer Bennett
Series: Cold Fury Hockey #6
Published by Loveswept on December 13th 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Cris Dukehart, Graham Halstead
Source: Library

The ice is a cold mistress. As the league’s most eligible goalie, Max Fournier has access to his fair share of willing puck bunnies, but right now he’s more interested in bringing home another championship than a one-night stand. A romantic at heart, Max believes in love; he’s just not great at relationships. So when he finally meets a nice girl who’s not blinded by his celebrity, he’s feeling the heat—and the pressure to save her from herself.

Between working two jobs and raising her sister’s kids, Julianne Bradley doesn’t have time for sports—or men. All she knows about Max is that he’s the sexiest customer to ever grace her gas-station counter. And he sees past her tired eyes and makes Jules yearn for things she can’t have: a glamorous fling, a passionate lover, and the time to enjoy both. Max makes her feel like Cinderella, even though Jules has enough baggage to crush a glass slipper. Luckily, he’s no prince—only a fierce competitor determined to win her heart.

Last year, on a whim, I picked up Alex by Sawyer Bennett as an audiobook. And holy cow, I fell madly in love with that book. But I never picked up any other books from the Cold Fury series. Until I heard about her newest addition to the series, Max. When I read the summary I know this book was right up my alley. And you guys, I was so right. I absolutely loved Max by Sawyer Bennett.

What’s the Story:

Max is the goalie for the North Carolina Cold Fury hockey team. When he stops at a gas station late one evening, he meets Jules, who is working there at night. Max helps Jules out, and is intrigued by her. But Jules is so busy taking care of her deceased sister’s children, she doesn’t even notice (or recognize Max). But then they run into each other again, and they can’t resist each other.

What I Liked:

  • To say that I loved Max, is a major understatement. He’s such a wonderful man. While he certainly has been with women, he’s not really all that interested in one-night stands. He wants a real relationship, like the one his parents have. He’s respectful of people, he’s kind, and he has a real sweet tooth. What’s not to like about this man?
  • Jules is great too. Her life was turned upside down when her sister passed away, leaving her kids in Jules’ custody. Supporting three children is expensive, and she’s working her butt off trying to provide for them. I really respected her for that.
  • I loved that Jules didn’t recognize Max when she met him, even though he’s a well-known figure in town. Max loved that about Jules, too.
  • The romance between Max and Jules was amazing! I pretty much wanted these two to get together immediately. They were so perfect for each other. There was heat, but there was also understanding and caring and respect.
  • Both narrators, Cris Dukehart and Graham Halstead, were fantastic. Max is told in alternating POVs, and both narrators totally rocked it.

What I Struggled With:

  • There is some mean girl things going on that I didn’t like much. Some moments where Jules argued with the “puck bunnies” and that just didn’t work for me. I hate that kind of stuff. I hate seeing women portrayed as catty. It’s a personal pet peeve of mine. Luckily it’s not a huge part of the book.

Final Thoughts:

Max by Sawyer Bennett was fantastic! It has strong character development, a hero and heroine you can’t help by root for, and steamy romance. It’s nearly perfect.


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  1. Angela @ Simply Angela

    I’ve never been big on the sports romances, but I’ve slowly been getting into the hockey ones–not sure why, since I’ve never watched a game of hockey in my life lol. I’m adding this one to my list!

  2. Adria

    Oh I’ve seen this author’s books around and it sounds good! I’ll have to bump this author up on my “Try” list.

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