Review: Sawyer by Lori Foster

Review: Sawyer by Lori FosterSawyer by Lori Foster
Series: Buckhorn Brothers #1
Published by Harlequin Books on March 1st 2007
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Romantic Suspense
Format: Paperback
Source: Personal Copy

Sawyer Hudson, the only doctor in Buckhorn County, took it upon himself to rescue the beautiful but enigmatic woman who came literally crashing into his life. Though he knew he should keep things platonic and professional, around her his body had other ideas. And his heart was no more cooperative.

Honey Malone was on the run, fleeing a dangerous predator, when she lost control of her car, drove into a lake--and found herself up to her neck in breathtaking men. After the brothers nursed her through her injuries, she tried to leave, but she hadn't bargained on their stubborn protectiveness. Or the passionate bond that tied her to Sawyer.

Sawyer by Lori Foster has been a major comfort read for me. It’s certainly not a perfect novel, but I go to it time and time again.

What’s the Story:

Sawyer, his three younger brothers, and his teenage son live in Buckhorn County. Sawyer is the doctor in town, and when a woman crashes her car in his pond, he immediately goes to help. The driver, Honey, is on the run, and she’s also very sick. She passed out so Sawyer takes her to his house to help heal her. After a bit, Honey confides in Sawyer and his family about her troubles, and they try to figure out why someone is after her.

What I Liked:

  • Sawyer, his three brothers, and his son were just so awesome. They are all very typical Foster heroes, and that is always a plus. Foster did such a wonderful job portraying these five guys! They are all a little different, but they all have very similar values, as well. Plus, they’re all gorgeous, which is never a bad thing!
  • I love how Sawyer immediately went in to help Honey when she crashed her car in his pond. He was so competent, and patient with her.
  • Honey was pretty adorable. A little stubborn, and sort-of typical-romance-heroine-like, but I loved her all the same. She’s on the run, and just trying to stay safe, keep her sister safe, and to not let anything happen to Sawyer and his family.
  • Honey and Sawyer have a ton of chemistry, which does lead to them getting together pretty quickly. I was willingly to go along with it though. They really made a fantastic couple.

What I Struggled With:

  • As is often the case with romances, the suspense aspect was a bit silly. Luckily that isn’t really why I read these books.
  • Some typical romance-novel things happened that made me a little eye-rolly. For example, when Sawyer first meets Honey, of course she isn’t wearing a bra. Also, at the conflict at the end, Honey runs out making a lot of noise, which ultimately distracts Sawyer from the big-bad. I mean, come on!

Final Thoughts:

Sawyer by Lori Foster will always be a major comfort read. It has great characters, it’s fast-paced, but it never gets stressful.


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  1. Nick

    I have never read a Lori Foster book, but I want to! I’ll be honest, I don’t think this one would be for me because of her name. I get so annoyed by silly annoying book names. I love the sound of Sawyer and his family though.
    Glad you enjoyed it overall!

  2. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    Oh this sounds cute! I can get past silly suspense (and the fact her name is Honey) for that kind of meeting! I love a good comfort read so I’ll definitely have to check this one out! I’ve noticed that with very few exceptions (and most of those are Nora Roberts books) my comfort rereads tend to be historical romance. No idea why that is!

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      Haha. I know, her name being Honey is silly. Her sister’s name is “Misty.”

      I have a lot of historical romance comfort reads. Especially Julie Garwood. But also Julia Quinn.

  3. Lover Of Romance

    I love a good suspense aspect, but sometimes it clashes with the romance so it can be a very delicate process. I do love this author but haven’t read this one, I swear I will never catch up hehe If you like a good romantic suspense, have you tried Suzanne Brockmann? She got me hooked on that sub genre. She does a great job of balancing it all out.

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      Lori Foster does have a big backlist. Not quite Nora Roberts size, but there’s a lot. I don’t think I’ve read them all, but I have read the vast majority.

      I have read Suzanne Brockman, but maybe only one or two and it was years and years ago. I should look into her books. Do you have a recommendation on where to start?

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