Podcast Review: Friendshipping

I heard about Friendshipping while listening to another of my favorite podcasts, Smart Podcasts Trashy Books. When Sarah started talking about this podcast, I knew I had to give it a try. And oh my gosh, I absolutely love Friendshipping.

Jenn and Trin, the two hosts of Friendshipping are friends who both work at Cards Against Humanity. People write in asking for advice with their friendship problems, and Jenn and Trin give advice to the askers.

Trin and Jenn are so much fun to listen to. They are kind and smart and give such fantastic advice. Even if the situation they are addressing doesn’t apply to my friendships, I still come away feeling like I can be a better friend. I love how Jenn and Trin are so understanding and accepting of people for who they are. But they also don’t hesitate to talk about people who have work to do.

And did I mention how funny Jenn and Trin are? They almost always make me giggle. You can just feel their closeness during the conversations. It’s really amazing. Each episode is around 30 minutes, so not too long. Plus, I never get sick of their theme song. Seriously, you have to give Friendshipping a try. You won’t regret it.

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  1. Stormy

    This sounds really interesting & like the kind of podcast that really appeals to me! My podcast list is already a mile long, but definitely adding this one to it.

      • Stormy

        I love Call Your Girlfriend, that’s always my go-to favorite. I like a lot of true crime podcast, so of course the big names ones like Serial, but I also really love Criminal–it’s probably the one I’d recommend if you’ve never listened for a few reasons. One, the episodes are on the shorter side(20-35 minutes, normally), and even though it’s true crime it’s not always about the gruesome crimes like a lot of other true crime podcast. They do talk about murders, etc, sometimes, but there’s also been ones on extortion cases, catfishing, etc, and sometimes things like an interview with a mortician. I also like Nerdette, but I don’t listen to every episode–I just see what the topic is and listen to the ones that interest me. Some of the author interview ones have been good!

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