Ten Things On My Romance Reading Wishlist

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Top Ten Tuesday

This is a topic that was done a few years ago. But it’s a fun one, and our tastes definitely change. However, I did struggle a little with this. Partly, I did something similar a few weeks ago when I talked about Romance Tropes and Tidbits I Love Beyon All Reason. This might be similar to that post.

In no particular order . . .

Heroines in their 30s
I can’t tell you how frustrating it can be when I keep reading romances where the heroines are almost all in the 20s. I have read some with heroines in their 30s and I love it. And I want MORE!

Dogs with Adorable Personalities
I’m a huge dog lover, so of course I love when romances have dogs in them. But what I love the most is when the dogs have strong personalities. I have two dogs, and they are so different with their own quirks. I love seeing that in books.

Alaskan Settings
I’ve never been there, but I really want to someday.

Central New York Settings
It’s where I live, and I do love CNY. There aren’t that many books set here, but I have come across a few.

Medieval Highland Settings
It’s my favorite historical romance setting, although I am kind of picky about what I want out of a medieval historical romance.

Women Supporting Each Other
One reason I love romance so much, is that many these day focus on a core group of women, who support each other. I never get sick of it.

Nice Guy Heroes
I am over jerk heroes. To me, there isn’t much more attractive that a guy who has compassion.


15 Responses to “Ten Things On My Romance Reading Wishlist”

  1. Chrissi Reads

    I’m totally with you with woman supporting each other. It’s too common to read about women bitching about each other. Great list, Quinn!

  2. Jane @ Raincity Librarian

    YES! As a woman in her thirties, I would love to see more older female heroines – we’re not all either raising babies or desperate on the prowl like Sex in the City…😅

  3. Angie @ Ba_BAMB

    I don’t mind a bit of a jerk hero as long as he earns his redemption in the end. Sometimes it’s just wrapped up too swiftly.

    Yes on the Medieval Highland Settings for me, too! 🙂

  4. Mariela

    Alaskan settings and Medieval Highland setting sound fantastic!
    I would love a Central NY setting in winter!
    My TTT.

  5. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    Other than the Medieval I’m so on board with these! I love dogs and really strong friendships and all the rest. There does seem to be a shortage of books set in NY that aren’t in NYC. Oh and so agree on women in their 30s! I’m finding I like characters in their early 20s less and less.

  6. Sharlene Wegner

    I believe Jill Shalvis heroines are usually in their 30’s. Kristan Higgins, too. Laura Florand heroes are usually nice guys, and I can’t recommend her enough! Jennifer Crusie may have a book or two with dogs with personality. Sue-Ellen Welfonder, To Love a Highlander, was a really good Medieval Highlander book.

  7. Leslie

    Hi! Yes to more dogs! and also to more supportive females. I’d also like to read some fiction with heroines in their 30s. There is still life and coming of age after 20! 🙂
    My TTT

  8. Nereyda Gonzalez

    YES PLEASE! I think we deserve more nice guy love interests. Have you read Jennifer Crusie, i think all her MC’s are in their 30’s and they aren’t stick thin perfect. I love her MC’s. I’m also a sucker for a character with a strong bond to a pet, even though I’m not a really a pet person.

  9. Kim @ kimberlyfaye reads

    This is SUCH a great list. I agree with pretty much everything on it… except maybe Alaska, because I never thought of it, but now that I have… I’d be down. Heroines in their 30s — YES. And not ones that are divorced or something like that. Not every single woman in her 30s is damaged in some way. On the heroine note: I’d also like to see fewer size 0-4, perfect body heroines. How about a woman with some curves? Women supporting each other is important to me. I hate faux-friendships and frenemies. I’m past that point in my life and my reading. I love the presence of pets with personalities in books. I think that’s probably 1/3 of the reason I enjoy Jill Shalvis as much as I do. And nice guys? Hell yes. More of those. Fewer manwhores and all around jerk guys.

  10. Lover Of Romance

    oh you have such a wonderful list here!! I don’t mind Jerk Heroes, but they have to not overwhelm the story in order for me to like them. But I do feel that they are written way more than nice guy heroes, and I want to see more of those as well because those are the types of heroes that you would actually realistically want to be with in reality right? I do love medieval settings as well and they are just not done enough. Its why I tend to read older books with this setting. And YAY for Alaska, I want to do a cruise up there over the next few years. My Aunt and Uncle went there last year and loved it, and its so gorgeous up there.

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