Mini Review: No One to Trust by Katie Reus

Mini Review: No One to Trust by Katie ReusNo One to Trust by Katie Reus
Series: Red Stone Security #1
Published by Katie Reus on March 1st 2012
Genres: Adult, Romance, Romantic Suspense
Format: Ebook
Source: Amazon
Reading Challenges: Backlist Reader Challenge

Killers are after her…

Computer security specialist for Red Stone Security, Elizabeth Martinez has never been able to turn her back on her brother Benny. When his risky lifestyle finally lands him in harm’s way, Elizabeth finds herself dragged into the dangerous underworld with him and into the path of one of Miami’s most dangerous drug lords. To stay alive, she now has to depend on the one man she has tried so desperately to forget.

He’ll do anything to keep her safe…

Former Marine Porter Caldwell never should have let Elizabeth walk away from him all those months ago. She means more to him than anything and now that she’s in danger and turned to him for help, he won’t make that mistake again. When a local gang targets her and she’s nearly killed in a drive by shooting, Porter vows to do whatever it takes to keep her alive. Even if it means turning his back on all that he’s sworn to uphold.

There is something about Katie Reus’s Red Stone Security series that just works for me. It’s quite a long series, with 15 books. No One to Trust is the first book in this series, and while I did like it, it’s clear how much Katie Reus has grown as a writer.

No One to Trust is about Elizabeth Martinez and Porter Caldwell, who both work at Red Stone Security. Elizabeth is a computer security expert at Red Stone, and Caldwell is the son of the owner. Elizabeth and Porter dated very briefly before the start of the story but they broke it off. Elizabeth has a brother who always seems to get himself into trouble, and Elizabeth is always rushing to protect him. This caused a big conflict between Elizabeth and Porter.

The book starts off with a bang as Elizabeth rushes to a baddie’s house to help her brother. In the process her life becomes in danger, and Porter rushes in to save her. As they try to figure out what is going on and how to keep Elizabeth safe, they rekindle their romance.

There is a lot I liked about No One to Trust. It’s super fast paced, which really helps when you’re in a reading funk. It’s action packed, and it’s hard to put the book down. I also liked Elizabeth and Porter, although neither of them are favorites. Elizabeth sometimes acts stupidly, and Porter is a bit too in control for me to love wholeheartedly. What really brings the book down, in my opinion, is the suspense plot. It’s so fast paced but some things I couldn’t understand. The baddies are always finding Elizabeth and Porter, but it’s never explained how they find them. And then there is the bit about this car being blown up in Miami, and that was just a bit much for me.

But overall I did like No One to Trust by Katie Reus. If you like romantic suspense, and are willing to suspense disbelief a bit, give this one a try.


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  1. Nick

    Yeah I can see how a fast-pace could ruin the suspense plot of the story. I’m glad you were able to still like the romance aspects though the characters were not your favorite. I added the book you reviewed yesterday to my list, so I’ll start there with her books.

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