Quick Audio Review: For the Love of Lilah by Nora Roberts

Quick Audio Review: For the Love of Lilah by Nora RobertsFor the Love of Lilah by Nora Roberts
Published by Harlequin on 1991
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Kate Rudd
Source: Audible

Mystery and danger still swirled around Lilah Calhoun's ancestral home. The fabled lost emeralds continued to attract treasure hunters - and at least one dangerous criminal. And they had brought a man unlike any Lilah had ever known.

Maxwell Quartermain was a reserved college professor, more at home in the past than in the present. But from the moment Lilah dragged him from the Atlantic, she found he could make her melt with the merest glance - and that troubled her deeply. For Lilah wasn't used to needing anyone as much as she needed Maxwell Quartermain.

I really enjoyed rereading Courting Catherine, so I decided to reread For the Love of Lilah, the third book in the Calhoun Women series. I decided to listen to the audiobook, which maybe wasn’t the best idea because I wasn’t thrilled with the narrator. I didn’t enjoy For the Love of Lilah as much as Courting Catherine, but I’m glad I reread it.

Lilah was a really fun character. She is just so chill, and loves relaxing and naps, and I can so get behind that. Also, her job as a naturalist was kind of cool. I also, for the most part, liked Max. Nora Roberts really knows how to create nerdy heroes that you just can’t help but swoon for. And I also really liked Max and Lilah together. It was so clear that they made a good couple.

But oh my gosh, sometimes Lilah and Max really pissed me off.¬†This was definitely one of those books where if they just sat down and had an honest conversation with each other, all the drama wouldn’t have happened. Honestly, sometimes Max really annoyed me. He was so sure that Lilah, who is gorgeous, wouldn’t be attracted to a professor like himself. He was so insecure and sometimes jealous, and while I liked that it was the guy that felt this way (instead of the woman – it’s a nice role reversal here), he sometimes said some not nice things to Lilah, and it pissed me off. I also felt like Lilah made some silly and reckless decisions given what was going on all around them.

As I said, I listened to the audiobook, and I really didn’t care for the narrator, Kate Rudd. She had a way of making the annoying habits of these characters even more annoying!

All this said, I didn’t hate For the Love of Lilah. It’s definitely dated, but I could see how Nora Roberts was working to change the way men and women were typically portrayed in romance, and I respect that. Still, there are so many other Nora Roberts books that I like so much more.


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  1. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    You know I don’t remember this one at all. I’m betting that means it wasn’t a favorite since I remember Catherine and Suzanna’s stories well enough. I probably read most of this book screaming “Talk to each other” in my head! I want to reread this series though I think I’ll definitely avoid the audio. Sometimes a narrator can actually ruin a good read.

  2. Lover Of Romance

    Too bad to hear about the narrator, sometime they can make elements of the story seem horrible or negative when they aren’t intended to be written that way. I do want to read this one, but will stay far away from the audio book.

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