Review: Hidden Hearts by Olivia Dade

Review: Hidden Hearts by Olivia DadeHidden Hearts by Olivia Dade
Series: Lovestruck Librarians #6
Published by Kensington Publishing Corporation on June 20th 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Ebook
Source: Library

An Admirer With A Secret . . .

Mary Higgs could be the poster girl for the buttoned-up librarian. She follows the rules. Stays ʼtil closing. Her kindness and dedication to her patrons is legendary. But those patrons have no idea what she's typing to the mysterious shut-in who emailed the library needing a library card three months ago . . .

When the elusive Miles O'Connor shows up, he's no invalid. A year ago, he was the gleaming, ab-sational star of the small screen. Then came the accident. Now he's a wounded recluse with a pizza habit and fears so unshakable that only the thought of losing Mary to an online date could lure him out of his cabin.

Soon their email rapport has turned into weekends on the couch, watching tearjerkers and driving each other insane with red-hot makeout sessions. But as the desire grows and their horizons expand, the life that brought them together might not be enough for either of them . . .

"Love is never out of reach for the librarians of the Nice County Library System . . . Sarah's charm and humor are perfectly suited to a beach read." --Publishers Weekly on Ready to Fall

I first heard about the Lovestruck Librarians series on Smart Podcasts Trashy Books, and knew right then that I had to read some of these books. They are all about librarians, or library workers falling in love. Talk about right up my alley. The first one I read is Hidden Hearts by Olivia Date and I loved this book.

Hidden Hearts is about Mary Higgs, a librarian at one of the Nice County libraries. While at work she gets an email from a patron that wants a library card. Even though they are supposed to come in to a get a card, Mary breaks the rules for this patron, Miles, and helps him out through email. Over a few months, they get to be friends of a sort. Miles was a huge TV personality hosting a travel and construction TV show. But after a horrible accident, Miles loses one of his arms. He moves to Nice County to recoup, and he’s not very happy. But through his emails with Mary (who doesn’t know who he is, or that he lost an arm), he decides he wants to venture outside again and hopefully start seeing Mary.

You guys, Miles and Mary are so freaking adorable, I can’t even. I loved both of them so much. They are both so realistic, and it was easy to relate to them.

Mary lived in California for a few years, but was very unhappy there, so she moved back home, but she’s not super happy in Nice County, even if she loves her coworkers and her job as a librarian. Mary wants more (more culture, and to not be one of a handful of people of color where she lives), but she’s not really sure what, or if she has the courage to try something new. I just loved Mary. She’s kind and thoughtful, and maybe a little too cautious, but it was impossible not to love her.

And Miles! He’s going through so much, both physically and mentally. He’s hiding out, and doesn’t want to be recognized. He’s done very little since he came to Nice County but eat pizza and email Mary. He does not want to leave his home. Finally he decides that if he ever wants to have anything lasting with Mary he has to leave his home, and I just loved it. I loved that he got a little belly fat because he was just eating pizza every day. And of course he is self conscious about losing his arm.

When Miles and Mary finally do meet – oh my gosh, it was just adorable. I was rooting for these two right from the beginning. Their romance is slow, and it isn’t full of heat, but it just felt so real. I couldn’t get enough. Although Miles is still dealing with having lost his arm, Mary has some issues to, and they have to work it out of they want to stay together.

I cannot wait to read more from the Lovestruck Librarians series. The side characters in Hidden Hearts have their own romances, and I seriously cannot wait to get to know them better. Hidden Hearts by Olivia Dade was a fantastic introduction to the Luckstruck Librarians series. I cannot wait to read more!


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  1. Nick

    Oh my gosh, this sounds positively adorable! Both Miles and Mary seem like such amazing characters. I already love the sound of them from your review, imperfections and all. I need to check it out for sure.
    Lovely review, Quinn!

  2. Jennifer

    Well, you sold me! I went right over the Amazon and bought this. Sounds like so much of my catnip from the librarian heroine to the tortured hero. Thanks for the awesome review!

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