Five Reasons Why Julie Garwood’s Medieval Historicals Are My Absolute Favorites!

I have many favorite authors in many genres. As my favorite genre is romance, I’ve read hundreds of romances since I discovered the genre when I was around 19 or 20 years old. While I have many favorite romance authors, there is one who’s books I love above all the others and that is Julie Garwood’s historical romances.

My Julie Garwood’s Medieval Historical Romances

Julie Garwood’s historical romances feel like they were written with everything I would want in a romance. Here are five reasons why hers are my favorite.

Honorable, Responsible Heroes

I never get sick of an honorable hero, but I especially look for that in an historical romance, and Julie Garwood always delivers. These heroes are strong and alpha (but not in an asshole way); leaders with lots of responsibilities that they never shirk. When they meet their heroines, they want to protect them. There is very little-to-no back in forth and I love it. These are not guys who are afraid of commitment and it makes me love them all the more for it. While Garwood’s heroes aren’t always fantastic at expressing themselves in words, their actions make up for it.

“It was a damned awkward undertaking, trying to think of loving words, and he had absolutely no experience in this area, but he was still determined not to muck it up. Even with his men watching, he wanted the words to be right, his declaration to be one she would always remember.
The moment needed to be perfect for her. “Judith,” he began.
“Yes, Iain?”
“I’m keeping you.”
― Julie GarwoodThe Secret

Adorable Heroines

While Garwood’s heroines can be a little dated (they are all gorgeous without realizing how beautiful they are) I can’t help but love them. They are kind, clever andbrave women who often are stuck in less than ideal situations, but never let it get them down.

“She wished she could understand her reaction to him. Why, her heart was pacing a wild beat again.
Madelyne dared a quick look up and found Duncan was watching her intently. He looked so handsome.
She wanted him to be ugly.”
― Julie GarwoodHonor’s Splendour

Love-Able Cast of Characters

Certainly Garwood excels at creating her heroes and heroines, but the smaller secondary characters always have great personalities that jump off the page. Auggie from Saving Grace, Isabelle and Frances Catherine from The Secret, Uncle Morgan from Ransom – they are all so much fun!

“Do you have feelings for this kind man?”
“You shouldn’t ask her such a question,” Frances Catherine said. “But do you, Gillian?”
― Julie GarwoodRansom


Anyone that knows me knows I adore books that make me laugh. And while Garwood’s historicals are laugh out loud funny for the most part they make me smile. And there are definitely some bits that make me giggle.

She was the love of his life.
― Julie GarwoodSaving Grace

Low Angst With Meat

I don’t love angsty stories. It’s just not me. Give me a lighthearted read everyday and I will be happy. But, sometimes those lighthearted reads are a but too fluffy. Garwood keeps her romances on the lighter side, with practically no angst, but there is still a good conflict and meat to the story.

“He was so damned happy to see her, he frowned. She smiled back.”
― Julie GarwoodThe Secret


I’ve never come across any other books that make me feel the way Garwood’s historical romances make me feel. Lynsay Sands often comes close, but her books are a little too fluffy without enough meat to them.

If you had to chose a favorite romance author, who would you choose?

6 Responses to “Five Reasons Why Julie Garwood’s Medieval Historicals Are My Absolute Favorites!”

  1. Lover Of Romance

    oh I completely agree here Quinn. I definitely think that Julie Garwood’s historical’s are some of the best I have ever had the pleasure to read. I do like that she keeps them historically authentic but not overkill either. The heroes are the best and I agree…they aren’t ever afraid to commit in a relationship and that is so refreshing.

  2. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    All of the things you mention are things I love in a romance and yet somehow I’ve never read anything by Garwood. Actually I’m not sure I’ve ever read any Medieval historicals ever. I typically stick with Regency and up. I think I need to give Garwood a try! I love a low-angst book with some meat to it.

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