Novella Review: Winning the Wallflower by Eloisa James

Novella Review: Winning the Wallflower by Eloisa JamesWinning the Wallflower by Eloisa James
Series: Fairy Tales #2.5
Published by Avon Impulse on December 6th 2011
Genres: Adult, Historical Romance, Romance
Format: Ebook
Source: Library

It could only happen in a fairy tale.

Lady Lucy Towerton:
Plain and tall. (According to the lady herself.)
Titled and irreproachably proper. (According to her fiancé.)

Until, overnight, she becomes

Lady Lucy Towerton:
Heiress. (Thanks to an aged aunt’s bequest.)
Belle of the ball. (So say the fortune hunters of the ton.)

In charge of her own destiny (finally!), Lucy breaks her engagement and makes up her mind never to be proper again…

When I first heard about Winning the Wallflower by Eloisa James, the premise really appealed to me. I finally found a copy through my library’s Overdrive site, and jumped right in. Winning the Wallflower was such a fantastic novella! I don’t know why I have only read one other Eloisa James book. I need to read more of her books.

Winning the Wallflower is about Lucy Towerton, who is not the belle of the ball in the Ton. She’s extremely tall which has made her very self-conscious. She is engaged to a wealthy businessman, Cyrus. Cyrus has had one goal most of his life, and that is to regain position (his mother was part of the aristocracy, but married a working man) in the Ton for his family. And part of his plan is to marry a woman from the aristocracy. Enter Lucy. They’ve been engaged for a bit, although they really do not know each other well. And then Lucy suddenly becomes an heiress, and her prospects change. Will she stay engaged to Cyrus, or break the engagement?

I didn’t love Cyrus right away. His obsession with being a member of the aristocracy was a bit much for me. His family was very happy with their circumstances, and his mother wasn’t dying to be back in that society. But Cyrus was determined, and he went about it in a very methodical way. And he didn’t often think much about how other people felt about it, particularly Lucy. But Cyrus did win me over in the end.

Lucy was such a wonderful heroine. As mentioned above, she is self-conscious about her height, and her mother can be a real pain. She was thrilled to be engaged to Cyrus for a number of reasons. For one, she loved that she wasn’t on the marriage mart anymore. It was a lot of stress for her. Lucy is also attracted to Cyrus. He’s gorgeous and he’s also tall, so she doesn’t tower over him. But now she’s wealthy, and her snobby mother wants her to break the engagement for someone in the aristocracy. At first Lucy doesn’t want to, but when she talks to Cyrus about it, it all changes.

I loved how Lucy slowly (well, somewhat slowly – this is a novella after all) realizes that she deserves so much more from Cyrus. That scene where she realizes this was amazing, and I just wanted to shout out “You go, Lucy!” I also loved it, because it was eye-opening to Cyrus, and he needed that. And of course, once he realizes that losing Lucy is not what he wants, I loved seeing him try to work it out with her.

Once Cyrus opened his eyes, and Lucy stood up for herself, I was completely shipping for them to be together. They really did make a great fit.

Winning the Wallfower is a novella, and there are times it feels a bit rushed. However, overall, it’s fantastic. It’s very well paced, and I felt like I got to know who Lucy and Cyrus were. And I could definitely get behind them as a couple. I must read more Eloisa James’s books, because the two I’ve read I’ve loved.


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10 Responses to “Novella Review: Winning the Wallflower by Eloisa James”

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      Yes, reading on the road or vacation is so difficult. At least for me. I don’t read a lot when I’m traveling. I don’t know how people can do it. But a novella like this would be perfect.

  1. Sophia Rose

    Come to think of it, I haven’t read any of hers, either. Need to remedy that. I like that he’s middle class and she has to stand up for what she wants. Sounds like a well-developed novella.

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      It was well-developed. I loved the scene where she realizes that she doesn’t need him at all. It was great seeing her realize that about herself. And it was great seeing him try to win her back.

  2. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    I’ve read a novella by James before and she does manage that balance of quick but not too rushed incredibly well. I LOVE the sound of this premise. I love when a character kind of finds themselves and learns to do what makes them happy. I really need to read more Eloisa James and this one is at the top of my list now!

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