Audio Review: Reed by Sawyer Bennett

Audio Review: Reed by Sawyer BennettReed by Sawyer Bennett
Series: Cold Fury Hockey #10
Published by Loveswept on February 6th 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Audiobook
Source: Library

Hockey season may be over, but in New York Times bestselling author Sawyer Bennett’s new novel, a Carolina Cold Fury heartbreaker is heating things up off the ice and eager to score with the girl next door.

No one skates like Reed Olson. In the off-season, no one plays like him either. After back-to-back championships, Reed craves a different kind of action. Good thing there’s no shortage of women ready for a summer fling with a sports star. Reed has a specific type—blond, busty, not too bright—and a little black book full of options. But when his bed starts rocking, it’s his unexpectedly sexy neighbor who comes knocking. And the brainy beauty is impossible to ignore.

Josie Ives desperately needs something her celebrity neighbor obviously doesn’t: sleep. His headboard banging against the wall is keeping her up at night—not to mention inspiring some very naughty dreams. Reed is everything she imagined: a little too good-looking, with a body that puts Greek gods to shame. But he’s also funny and charming—a tempting combination. Josie’s the opposite of his type, yet the chemistry between them is undeniable. Their friendship certainly has its benefits, and it’s heating up to be so much more.

Although I haven’t read all the books in the Cold Fury Hockey series by Sawyer Bennett, all the ones I have read have been amazing. Therefore I was pretty excited to read Reed, and was sure I would love it. Unfortunately, Reed by Sawyer Bennett did not really impress me.

Reed is about Cold Fury Hockey star Reed Olson, and his doctor neighbor Josie Ives. It’s the off season, and Reed is enjoying relaxing and having lots and lots of sex. Unfortunately it’s keeping Josie up, and so at the end of her rope one night, she goes over there to ask him to keep it down. And after that, they become friends. And then they become more than friends.

I’m not sure why, but this book just didn’t do it for me. I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t like Reed, him being a huge manwhore, but I honestly did end up liking him. It was sweet seeing him fall for Josie, and not sure what to do about it. Josie, unfortunately didn’t win me over. I certainly didn’t hate her . . . but I didn’t love her either. She’s a doctor, and has been burned in love before. So she’s pretty cautious about things now. I just found her too closed off, and I never felt like I really got to know her.

For the most part I did like Reed and Josie together, but, again, I wasn’t kept at the edge of my seat wanting to make sure they got together. I just didn’t care all that much, and that isn’t a great way to feel about a romance.

I also had some other issues with the book. There was some “she’s not like other girls” nonsense that never fails to piss me off. Plus, there is set up for the next book in this series about Marek, and oh my gosh, I hated every minute of it! First off, in general, I don’t like a lot of set up for the next book in a romance series in the previous book. I don’t mind very subtle things, but otherwise, I’m not interested. But this set just made me absolutely hate Marek! I have absolutely no interest in his story. I also wasn’t huge into Gracen, either, but Marek just took the cake in assholery.

So, Reed by Sawyer Bennett was not great, at least not to me. I have read so many of her books that I’ve loved, so I’m not sure why this one didn’t work for me. Maybe it was the story, my personal reading tastes, and my mood. But either way, I think there are way better Cold Fury Hockey books out there to read.


5 Responses to “Audio Review: Reed by Sawyer Bennett”

  1. Nick

    Her books are always such hit or miss for me. And I feel like after some time they all start to blur together. It looks like you felt mostly meh about this book and this couple. I hope whatever you pick up next is better.

  2. Rowena

    Oh man, sucks that you didn’t enjoy this one as much as the other books in the series. Thanks for the heads up though, as I’ve had my eye on this one but I don’t think I’d enjoy it. At least it’s not anything I’m in the mood for right now.

  3. Sophia Rose

    Tough when you just can’t feel close to the romance pair particularly the heroine. I tend to eyeroll at the ‘not like other girls’ stuff, too.
    Hopefully, Marek’s book will be a turn around for you and be more likeable.

  4. herding cats

    Oh goodness on the next book set up. That doesn’t sound promising at all. lol I like her books but the one I read from this series had me taking the rest off my reading short list. Bummer this one turned out more miss than win.

  5. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    This sounds a little meh. I’ve read several books lately where one part of the couple is so closed off and reserved that I always felt a little disconnected. That’s too bad on this one but glad that Reed did win you over. I do want to read this author but I think I’ll try another one!

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