Podcast Review: The Flop House

the flop houseMy favorite kinds of podcasts are comedy podcasts. You guys, I love to laugh. One of my all time favorite podcasts is How Did This Get Made, a podcast about bad movies. Well, I’ve been all caught up on HDTGM, and awhile back I was looking for similar podcasts, which is how I heard about The Flop House.

The Flop House is a podcast that talks about bad movies. The three hosts, Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, and Stuart Wellington, are funny, and definitely crack me up. During each episode, they discuss the plot of a movie (usually a bigger-budgeted recent-ish movie) and point out the issues with the movie. And then, they give judgments at the end. Either the movie was a bad-bad movie, a good-bad movie, or a movie they kind of liked.

They’ve been doing this podcast for years, and there is a huge backlist, which is great. I still have a lot to listen to. They all have their little quirks, too, and Elliott is always singing these songs he makes on the fly which is pretty entertaining.

I will admit that I find HDTGM funnier, but that’s not to say that The Flop House isn’t funny. This one feels more laid back, with best friends discussing crazy movies. HDTGM does often feel a bit more like a performance, which makes sense since it’s hosted by actors.

The Flop House is a perfect choice when you want to listen to an easy podcast that will crack you up. If you like comedy podcasts, and bad movies, definitely look into this one.

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  1. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    You’ve gotten me hooked on How Did This Get Made so this definitely sounds like anther one I’d enjoy. One of my favorite podcasts about movies changed format and most of the hosts left and I haven’t been enjoying it so I’ve been looking for new ones. This sounds perfect!

  2. KE Hamilton

    I have just gotten into HDTGM so I’ll have to check this one out, I like to have podcasts with people talking just to have something in the background at work but I don’t want to be laughing randomly at my desk !

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      Haha.I understand about laughing out loud randomly. I love comedy podcasts, so sometimes when I’m out walking my dogs, I can’t help but to start laughing, but then I feel silly.

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