Audio Review: Wild in Love by Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully

Audio Review: Wild in Love by Bella Andre and Jennifer SkullyWild In Love by Bella Andre
Published by Oak Press on April 25, 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Eva Kaminsky
Source: Audible

Daniel Spencer is proud of the billion-dollar business he’s built, but there are few things he enjoys more than creating something with his bare hands. Lake Tahoe has everything he’s looking for—the lakefront cabin he’s building for family and friends to enjoy, crystal clear water and lush green mountains. Everything except the perfect woman to share it with. Until Tasha Summerfield literally falls into his arms.

After learning that her family has lied to her for pretty much her entire life, Tasha flees San Francisco for the mountains. As she tries to bury her heartache by hammering her dilapidated cabin back together, the last thing she expects is to fall for a sexy billionaire. But when a storm blows in and she desperately needs help, there is Daniel, waiting with open arms.

Tasha believes Daniel deserves a woman from a perfect, loving, tight-knit family like his. Yet how can she possibly resist a man this sweet and generous…who looks positively sinful in his tool belt? With every delicious taste of him, Tasha finds it harder to quell the hopes and dreams she thought were crushed forever. But when it turns out that Daniel’s family isn’t picture perfect after all, will the truth set them both free? Or will it destroy any chance they ever had?

In general, I can count on a Bella Andre book to be an easy read with very low angst, and lately that is exactly the type of book I’ve been looking for. Wild in Love is the final book in the Maverick series co-written by Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully. It was an easy read, with some eye-rolly moments, but overall, pretty cute.

Wild in Love focuses on Daniel Spencer, a billionaire with a home-improvement business, and Tasha Summerfield. Tasha grew up in a wealthy family and was very close to both her brother and father. When she discovers a family secret, she’s heartbroken and at a complete loss. She runs away to Lake Tahoe, and decides to attempt to renovate a cabin. She meets Daniel there, when he comes to his lake house (surprise – they are neighbors now!), and helps her out of a jam. Pretty soon they fall for each other, but they both have to work through some stuff.

As is usual with this series, it’s very easy to love both Daniel and Tasha. Daniel grew up in a lower income family, but with a wonderful supporting family. He’s worked hard and created a very successful business, and is proud of his accomplishments. But after watching his close friends find love, he’s feeling a bit lost. He wants to find someone to spend his life with, but it hasn’t happened yet. Daniel was just a nice guy, and I liked that. He immediately rushed to help Tasha out, even when she was a little standoffish.

Tasha’s life has been a lot different from Daniel’s. She grew up in a wealthy family, attended fancy schools, and didn’t want for much. She’s a kind woman, and is a hard worker, but when she discovers some shocking family truths, she’s at a loss. I felt so bad for Tasha – to learn that the family she loves isn’t who they say they are is always difficult, but it was made so much worse for Tasha. She is heartbroken on so many levels. I did love seeing how she taught herself to do so many home renovations, and to see her start to work through some things.

I was definitely shipping Daniel and Tasha together. They were cute, and very supportive of each other. There were definitely some eye-rolly moments, and they do fall for each other quickly (very common in a Bella Andre book), but I liked them together. Some of the back story was a little silly, and throughout the novel Daniel’s mother has this secret which was LAME. But that was a small part of the story. As always, I really enjoy Eva Kaminsky’s narration.

If you like easy-going, low-angst contemporary romances, definitely give Wild in Love by Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully a try.


8 Responses to “Audio Review: Wild in Love by Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully”

  1. Nick

    A lame secret? BOO!
    This sounds like a really cute read otherwise though. Bella Andre sure does write a lot of books!

  2. Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer

    You know, I really have enjoyed her books, and I think I read too many back to back or close together because I burned out. But, its been a while and despite some eye rolls, you have reminded me how feel good her novels are.

    • Quinn's Book Nook

      Oh yeah, I can totally understand getting burned out with her books. She has so many! I had to take a long break too, and then I read two books back to back.

  3. Angie Elle

    I’m glad you enjoyed this one overall. I usually steer clear of blurbs that say billionaire, but this one seems like a good one with a functional hero. Ugh…home renovations. I wish I was good at those. LOL

    Great review!

  4. Rowena

    Bella Andre is an author that I’ve had on my TBR list for ages, years and years but have never gotten around to trying. You read a lot of her stuff and enjoy her so I really need to move her up my TBR list. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one. I’m interested in this one, even with the lame secret. =)

  5. Nadene

    I have only read one book by this author. It was one she co-authored with Melissa Foster. This one sounds interesting despite the eye rolling moments.

  6. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    This sounds cute and I’ve been feeling the need for some easy books. I don’t mind a little eye rolling if I enjoy the rest of the book and this sounds like the case here. Plus, it’s getting ridiculous! I desperately need to read Belle Andre!

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